Birth of a card that does not have T points that controls shopping clerks' points and facilitates shopping

Family MartYabull hornSuch,T point cardAt the affiliated store, a clerk listens, "Do you have a T point card?", But many people feel that it is troublesome to answer "I do not have" every time they shop . For such people, it indicates that you do not have a T-point card before being asked to a clerk"I do not have T points Card"Was born.

I do not have T points Card

This is an image of "Card not having T points" card. In addition to being able to simplify the interaction with clerks with this, it is said that there is also the effect that the stress of the store clerk accumulates instead of the point.

I do not have T points Cards are not made by some shops, they are types of cards that I make by myself by downloading PDF and printing. The way to make it is as follows.

1. Download a card of your choice
I do not have T points Card design is a type that is shaded by a card with a design similar to T point card and a card of a type that is written as "not having it" on a card designed similar to T point card type. Choose your favorite design and download PDF.

2. Print
Print on your local printer. If there is no printer, it is possible to print even in the 7-Eleven. Of course, even if you shop at Seven Eleven, you will not be able to hear the presence or absence of a T point card.

3. Cut with scissors
After printing, cut off extra parts with scissors.

4. Paste on a shiny card
Paste it on an extra card etc.

A completed image is here.

You can download the PDF of "T-point not having card" from the official website below. Since it is not an official item TSUTAYA accepts to the last, caution is necessary when actually using it.

I do not have T points Card

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