Cute working companions in the 49th AM show

"The 49th Amusement Machine Show", And at the" 25th Prize Fair "held at the same time, there are a lot of companions who color the places gorgeously. We had them divide their smiles, such as receptionist, assistant sailor, announcement etc.

◆ Capcom

A sister in one piece in reception. The elegant costumes are decorated with yellow ribbons also used for logos.

"Monster Hunter Medal HuntingThe older sister who was playing assistance for the scene also shot intensely.


Again Mr. Companion is indispensable for reception.

◆ Sega

Ladies who accepted matching blue bandana.

Because Sega's costume is different by the companion's handle of the ribbon, the place to tie, and the hairstyle, it is fun to watch it with its personality rich.

A companion who gave her hair and treated striped ribbons in a headband style.

This is a half up, the ribbon is polka dots.

There are also people who are wrapping like a scarf around the neck like this.

I think that I saw a lot of companion who is making a ponytail, but I was a little worried whether it was also a matter of commitment.

People also have a sense of balance between jacket and skirt. Both the AM show and the game show, Sega's main companion's costumes are unified in this type, so searching for a favorite dress may be one way of enjoying it.

◆ Taito

A companion who worked while hugging Toro's stuffed toy for assisting the crane game out of the booth.

This is my older sister who was assisting medal game in booth.

◆ Banpresto (25th Prize Fair)

While doing announcement of the costume photography society of the new character, the place where the camera responds with a wink when turning the camera is a professional as expected.

◆ Sega Prize (25th Prize Fair)

The costume of Sega Prize is somewhat different from the Sega booth of AM show, one piece type whose upper and lower are not separated.

A companion who hands out leaflets and fans of "Inazuma Eleven GO".

In the vicinity of "My sister" prize is a companion of Togano Cosplay.

I am fitting the perfect hair style for flirted skirts.

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