Windows 8 IE 10 (Metro style version) is not compatible with Flash, reasons such as battery duration and security reasons

According to the official blog of Microsoft, the following Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 has two modes, Metro style version and Desktop version, of which Metro style version is plug-in free, that is, Flash And various plug-ins such as Silverlight will not operate.

Metro style browsing and plug-in free HTML5 - Building Windows 8 - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

According to Microsoft, it came to the idea that in the Metro style of Windows 8, there is plug-in such as Flash, it can not make user experience comfortable. Especially considering securing the degree of holding and security of the battery, it seems that it was better to move to HTML 5 (Windows 8 Metro user interface is premised on multi-touch operation, and tablet PC and slate PC Because I'm thinking about using such things as).

Also, when I investigated the top 97,000 sites in the world with a large number of accesses, 62% already made it possible to switch from a movie using Flash to HTML 5 (already on Google's YouTube HTML5 Corresponding, it is also a big reason that movie playback is possible without Flash plugin). Also in advertisement there is no need to be a banner using various plug-ins such as Flash, and if you measure clicks and exposure amount, there is no problem with other technologies.

This is the Metro style version of IE 10. Touch operation It is a full screen condition of premise.

What looks like something like a switching tab

It is possible to manage frequently used sites and sites that you want fixed display and pinned. It is a screen keyboard so as not to cause problems with touch operation.

With IE 10 you can zoom in and zoom out by pinching and scroll can also be touched

Regarding the area to input characters, if you misspell, the correction candidate pops up automatically.

IE 10 actively responds to HTML 5

Text shadow

A solid

I can make this. In other words, it is the root of this argument of Microsoft that almost all of Flash can do with HTML5.

Touch operation can also be detected on the page

IE 10 supports multi-touch, so you can do something like this on the page

I feel that iPhone and iPad are not compatible with Flash, but it certainly seems to be "battery condition" and "security", but Microsoft seems to have reached the same area.

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