To start Android "PlayStation Suite" delivering primary PS title etc.

At the recital of PS Vita (codename of the time "NGP") which was held in January this year, platform to distribute primary PS title etc. to Android terminal "PlayStation Suite (PlayStation Suite)Although it was revealed that it will be deployed, it became clear that the service will be deployed at last.

Started offering content development environment from November in order to widely deploy PlayStation Suite "PlayStation Suite"

According to the press release announced by Sony Computer Entertainment, the company will start delivering content including the title of the original PS through the "PlayStation Store" on the PlayStation Network from late October for devices that acquired "PlayStation Certified" is.

The distribution will be launched from nine countries in Japan, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia and will actively expand the developing country. In addition, we plan to expand the PlayStation Store, which has been expanded further next spring.

By the way, "PlayStation Certified" is a licensing program for promoting the "PlayStation Suite" platform, and at the moment three models, "Sony Tablet S", "Sony Tablet P" and "Xperia Play"

In addition, as part of its efforts to "PlayStation Suite", the company has developed "PlayStation Suite SDK", which is SDK (Software Development Kit) for developing content for devices that acquired "PlayStation Certified" for developers 11 Scheduled to be offered from the beginning of the month.

Content developed using the SDK can be enjoyed not only by devices that have acquired "PlayStation Certified" but also by PS Vita, and that the contents developed will be distributed on the PlayStation Store from next spring is.

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