More in the PSP version "Beyond my dead" more beautifully, Various facial expressions of Ititsu flower and Huang river

Release decided on November 10, 2011Then,A commercial that can be said as a sequel of the original version CM 12 years ago was releasedPSP version"Cross over my dead"However, this time the map revealed beautifully in the PSP version was released. It is a nostalgic map for the original version of the player, but in the PSP version there are additional elements such as specific attributes being enhanced for each map, and it seems that the characteristics of the map are more emphasized.

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◆ It flower

This is the original version of Itsu flower.

It became a PSP version and it became like this.

Smiley It's Flower

Troubled face

Angry face

Bitter smile



Decision Zelif "Burn and Ho!"

Shrine maiden costume

Huang River

Huang River of the original version.

In the PSP version, youngsters are emphasized.

Rugged look


A look that looks a bit stupid

Sunken face

◆ Forbidden Water Supply

If you clear an event, the world will accelerate and the dungeon you can visit will also increase at once. Three dungeons to be visited since the middle stage were released this time. This is one of the "forgetful flowing water".

In the forgetful flowing water, go against the flow of water. The road is also narrow, making it a dungeon that is inconvenient for mobility. In the original version it was one of the important dungeons where God touches the core of the story.

In the PSP version, the cold air will cause the thermal power to go down, so careful attention must be paid to the technique and attribute weapons used.

◆ Crimeon's shrine

In "Ginjutsu shrine", since the flame spews out and the lava is everywhere, ingenuity is required to prevent damage.

Also, in the PSP version you will always fight with the heat up and the enemy ally both up and up the power of the fire. Although I am getting strong, I have to pay attention to the art of fire from the enemy.

Parent's tomb tomb

"Parent's tomb tomb" is a dungeon with the most complicated structure in this world.

Although it is a very long and wide difficulty, if there is an item, you can go while watching the map. Also, there seems to be a technique that allows you to see maps during surgery.

◆ Big Port

In addition, there are two newly published occupations this time. This is a man of "Major Cruiser". Mr. Maoto, you can acquire the book of Tennin in the cylinder and bring it back to the base. The attackable range varies depending on the performance of the equipped large cylinder. There are two types of attack ranges: "single shot" and "shot", "attacks" targeting one united from the whole enemy, "shot" if the large fighter is in front of itself in the front row if the big chef If you are in the back row of yourself, you can attack all enemy front rows.

Kuroda woman. The armor that can be equipped by a large fighter is only light equipment among the four types of heavy, large, medium and light equipment.

By choosing different types of big tubes according to the enemy's composition, it is possible to give the strategy a range of breadth.

The attack effect of a large crusade.

A big crush man holding a cylinder.

It fires toward the entire enemy.

Muroto of the batang citizen "repeating formula ◯◯". We aim at enemy one piece and fire it continuously. Consumed health level has dropped to 2, and it has become a mystery which is often used. In addition, the name of the mystery enters the name of the clan that you have created.

◆ Dancing shop

"Odori" man. A dance shop can acquire it by obtaining a teaching book of a fan and taking it back to the base. It is an occupation that has an extremely wide attack range that attacks are possible from either the front row or the rear row of yourself, whether attacking is possible for the entire front row of the enemy or the entire enemy rear row, regardless of whether it is in the front or rear row. Because the weapon is a fan, the attack power is not high, but if equipped with a fan to which the attribute is attached it will show its true value.

A dancer. Equipment of a dance shop is only light equipment out of the four kinds, but it is the feature early acquisition skill and the easy-to-ease feature of the art attack.

Attack effect of the dancer. Choose the front row or the back row of the enemy.

Sprinkle big fan and swing toward enemy.

The mystery of a dancing shop "Mai ○ ○ of water". I will send half of my physical strength to all my allies. The mystery of a dancing shop is different from other occupations, and it is characterized by something that influences ally. It is very reliable at the time of emergency.

◆ Liberation of God

In "Sharing over my dead", I will increase my descendants by doing "the ceremony of God" with God, but by liberating God who is missing, it is possible for God The number will also increase.

Many of the missing gods have been transformed into monsters by the curse of Zhu point Taji child. In order to release the monster made God, it is necessary to deprive the "Akno collar" in the booty slot.

In the PSP version, since the enemy's HP is displayed before the boss fight, the approximate strength is to be understood before fighting.

"Shiro collar" appears in the slot.

If you defeat the boss you can release God.

Defeat the boss and release God.

For the newly released God, "New" is attached next to the name.

Also, in the PSP version you can receive a winning point (experience value) of your blessing when you release God. Actively release God and strengthen clans.

◆ Newly released God

This time the 10 pillars of Gods have been made public. This is "Aizen 's Riken Maru." Attribute is fire. It is the incarnation of fire with brown skin.

"Ooro Illusion 8". Attribute is wind. It is a god of wind with dragonfly feathers, a god that is Yoriko Yumo and brotherly sister.

"Void Burai Iwane". Attribute is wind. It is a god of Tengu. This God is also a prisoner, but it seems that special conditions are necessary to release. In the original version, she exhibited a ridiculous lineage called "This fellow opponent fights with this nose" at the time of the crown, but in the PSP version, the speech will change as the number of exchanges increases, so we can not wait for the day when it is possible for the spirit It is also God.

"Fixed Taishan". Attribute is fire. It is a god of figure like Fudo.

"Seven Shin Sakusaku". Attribute is earth. At first it is being monstrous and captured by Zhu point Taji child. By satisfying certain conditions, it seems to be possible to release.

"Hachiha Hosomi Rumi". Attribute is water. It is a goddess of water, but the attributes of the earth are excellent Gods.

"Haruno Suzuki". Attribute is wind. It is the goddess of the wind, characterized by the appearance of a girl.

"Tsukuda cool". Attribute is water. It is the goddess of a figure that makes the image of ice.

"Jizo Dochamiko". Attribute is water. It is a god who took the form of a nun.

"Naruto shop vortex woman". Attribute is water. Incarnation of the whirlpools of Naruto. In the original version, at the time of the ceremony, we showed off the line "Go into the whirlwind's whirlpool", but how does it develop in the PSP version?

Although it is two months to the release date "Beyond my dead," but there are still many mysteries in the additional elements in the PSP version. The next report is late September.

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