Tolo and Cro decided to participate in 'Street fighter X Tekken' too to chaos

Today's "SCEJ Press Conference"Capcom is planning to release 2D fighting game"Street fighter X Tekken"Although it was announced that Toro and Kuro will participate in the war, as the demonstration has become too chaotic, we will deliver it with a movie.

Toro and Ku enter electric shock at "Street fighter X Tekken"

Presentation on "Street fighter X Tekken" by Mr. Ono of Capcom

The character of "emergency participation"

Tolo appeared. And ...

Black appeared to emit a beam from the eyes rather than an eye force appeared.

And suddenly a battle screen.

Toro is overwhelming.

Toro and Ku too strong too. There are also situations where the atmosphere is too different with other characters, which is very chaotic.

The demo movie ends while being taken in.

I am wondering what kind of exchange will be unfolded at "Weekly Toro Station" following this decision.

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