Four types of PS Vita memory cards are available, the maximum capacity is 32 GB

Sony's next-generation portable game machine "PS Vita" officially decided to be released on December 17 adopts a dedicated memory card instead of the memory stick PRO Duo used by conventional PSP.

And today, the lineup of the dedicated memory card, the capacity, the suggested retail price are clarified.

(PDF file)Memory card, protective film, inner ear headset etc.
16 kinds of peripheral equipment and accessories for PlayStation Vita
Release on Saturday, December 17, 2011

According to the press release of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., it seems that accessories will be released sequentially as PS Vita release on December 17th. Also, on the same day we will release 4 PS Vita exclusive memory cards.

This is a memory card exclusively for PS Vita. The main body size is 12.5 mm in length × 15.0 mm in width × 1.6 mm in thickness. Manufacturer suggested retail price is 2200 yen for 4GB model, 3200 yen for 8GB model, 5500 yen for 16GB model, 9500 yen for 32GB model.

The 16 GB model and the 32 GB model, although the high capacity model feels expensive, but where I'm concerned about whether there are plans to have compatible memory cards etc from other companies. Incidentally, the main size of the microSD card which is widely used as a recording medium for smart phones and mobile phones is somewhat more compact 11 mm × 15 mm × 1 mm than the PS Vita exclusive memory card, but manufacturers making compatible adapters Is there such a thing that appears?

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