Twenty-six titles have been released in line with the release of PS Vita, about 100 titles are under development

Sony "SCEJ Press Conference"It was revealed that about 26 titles will be released as PS Vita is released.

All 26 title list.

Total 26 titles
BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND(Arc System Works Co., Ltd., 2D fighting fight)
Project N.O.E.L.S. (temporary)(Arc System Works Co., Ltd., music player who can enjoy sound games)
Browser Sangokushi Touch Battle (Tentative)(AQ Interactive Co., Ltd., real-time strategy simulation)
FISH ON (temporary)(Kadokawa Games Inc., Sports (Fishing))
Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3(Capcom Inc., Fighting Action)
True Sangoku Musou NEXT(Koei Tecmo Games Inc., Tactical Action)
F1 2011(Code Masters, Inc., Racing)
Hell's Corps(SQUARE ENIX, Corps Action)
Lord of Apocalypse(SQUARE ENIX, action RPG)
Nindo Road 2 Dragon(Spike Corporation, Ninja Stealth Action)
Power Smash 4(Sega Corporation, Sports (tennis))
Uncharted - The beginning of an adventure without a map -(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Action Adventure)
Sawaris Makuru(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., mini game collection)
Together with all(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Visual Friend Network)
Everyone's GOLF 6(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Golf game)
Hero of the brave (temporary)(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Lifestyle-Appli)
Monster radar(Sony Marketing Co., Ltd., location information game)
@ Field(Sonic Powered Inc., virtual space golf action)
The true visitor's eleventh visitor (suspect)(Chunsoft, Inc., sound novel)
Dream Club ZERO Portable(D3 Publisher Inc., love simulation)
Nico Nico(Dwango Corporation, Niconico)
Makai Senki Disgaea 3 Return(Nippon Ichi Software Co., Ltd., the simulation RPG of the worst history in 10 million hours of playing)
Katamari no Vita(BANDAI NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., touching, rolling, enlarging game)
Ridge racer (temporary)(NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., exhilarating drift race)
Dark quest (temporary)(Ubisoft Corporation, RPG)
MICHAEL JACKSON THE EXPERIENCE HD (temporary)(Ubisoft Corporation, rhythm game)

About 100 titles are currently under development. Various titles such as "Super Robot Battle Series (Tentative)", "Persona 4 The Golden", "Tales of Innocence R", "Little Big Planet (Tentative)" are lining up.

Total 74 titles
Monster Encyclopedia (Tentative)(Idea Factory Co., Ltd., card game)
Pachipara series (temporary)(Irem Software Incorporated, Pachinko)
TBD(Aqua Plus Inc., Dungeon RPG)
Sumi SUMIONI(Acquire Corporation, ink brush action)
MALICIOUS (provisional)(Alvion Corporation, Action)
SRPG (temporary)(Alpha Unit Corporation, SRPG)
Dragon's Crown(Ignition · Entertainment Limited, Action RPG)
Shin Megami Tensei Series(Index Corporation (Atlas), RPG)
Persona 4 The Golden(Index Corporation (Atlas), RPG)
MAPLUS portable navi 4 (temporary)(Edia Corporation, Navigation)
FIFA (temporary)(Electronic Arts, Football)
TBD(Kaga Create Co., Ltd., Renai Adventure)
TBD(Kaga Create Co., Shooting)
New title(Gust, Inc. new genre)
Street fighter X Tekken(Capcom Inc., Fighting Fight)
Ragnarok Odyssey(Gung Ho Online Entertainment Co., Ltd., Action)
TBD(Gung Ho Online Entertainment Co., Ltd., Action)
TBD(GunHo Online Entertainment Co., Ltd., Action Puzzle)
To throw(Cave, Inc., simulation)
New shooting(Cave, Inc., shooting)
NINJA GAIDEN Σ(Koei Tecmo Games Inc., action)
Asphalt injection(Konami Digital Entertainment, Race)
AR Combat Digi Q(Konami Digital Entertainment, simulation)
The King and the Devil and the Seven Princesses ~ New-King's Story ~(Konami Digital Entertainment, role playing)
Football title(Konami Digital Entertainment, Sports)
ZONE OF THE ENDERS HD EDITION(Konami Digital Entertainment, High Speed ​​Robot Action)
MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB Shinsei · Nationwide version(Konami Digital Entertainment, Mahjong)
METAL GEAR SOLID HD EDITION(Konami Digital Entertainment, Tactical · Espionage · Action)
Baseball Title(Konami Digital Entertainment, Sports)
DJ MAX TECHNIKA PORTABLE(Cyberfront Co., Ltd., DJ simulation)
Three Princess Hime ~ Ruling of Mikuni Tansei · Honen -(System software · Alpha Co., Ltd., simulation + adventure)
sortie! It is! Battlefields of Maidens 2 - Tsunoko Shocking Bonds ~(System software · Alpha Co., Ltd., simulation + adventure)
Sengoku Hime 3 - Light and Shadows Cutting the Tenori ~(System software · Alpha Co., Ltd., simulation + adventure)
Moe Moe big war ☆ Genshi Ban ++ (Plus plus)(System software · Alpha Co., Ltd., simulation + adventure)
Silver star Go (temporary)(Silver Star Japan Co., Ltd., Go)
Gintama Shogi Feng Shui Dragon Tiger Transp (Tentative)(Silver Star Japan, Shogi)
Final Fantasy X(SQUARE ENIX, RPG)
Super monkey ball (temporary)(Sega Corporation, Action Puzzle)
Escape Plan (provisional)(Sony Computer Entertainment, Survival Strategy Inc.)
GRAVITY DAZE / Gravity dizziness: perturbation in her inner universe at the return to the upper layer(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Gravity Action Adventure)
Sound shape (provisional)(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Action and Music Creator Co., Ltd.)
STARSTRIKE DELTA(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Shooting)
Reality fighter(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., AR fight fight)
Little Big Planet (temporary)(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., Action)
WipEout 2048(Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc., Race)
Extreme escape ADV good people Shibowdess(Chunsoft, Limited escape ADV)
Hunting kill Dragon (temporary)(Digital Works Entertainment Inc., a hunting ACT game that transforms and defeats evolving enemies)
Slotter Mania V(Dallas Corporation, slot simulation)
Hello Kitty Together Block Crash V(Dallas Corporation, Block Crash)
The seas of Ys Serteta(Japan Falcom Corporation, action RPG)
Otsu City Giken Official Pachislot Simulator Series (temporary)(Pion Corporation, pachislot machine simulator)
Nikoli's Sudoku ~ Complete Edition ~ (Tentative)(Hamster Co., Ltd., puzzle)
Mobile Suit Gundam Series (Tentative)(NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., Action)
Super Robot Battle Series (Tentative)(NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., undecided)
Tales of Innocence R(NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., RPG)
Anime action (temporary)(NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., Action)
RPG (temporary)(Flu Corp., RPG)
Little Busters! Converted Edition(Prototype Corporation, Renai Adventure)
TBD(Polygon Magic Co., Android Communicator)
New action RPG (temporary)(Marvelous Entertainment Inc., action RPG)
New Action Game (Tentative)(Marvelous Entertainment Inc., Action Adventure)
New work simulation RPG (temporary)(Marvelous Entertainment Inc., simulation RPG)
New fantasy RPG (temporary)(Marvelous Entertainment Inc., action RPG)
Tokyo University Shogi Series(Mainichi Communication, Inc., table)
Mahjong Haou Series(Mainichi Communication, Inc., table)
TBD(MAGES Inc. (5 pb.), Adventure)
Next Education [English grammar](Media Five Inc., education · learning)
Next Education [administrative scrivener](Media Five Inc., education · learning)
Next Education [TOEIC TEST](Media Five Inc., education · learning)
LUMINES Electronic Symphony (temporary)(Ubisoft Corporation, music puzzle)
Rayman Origins (temporary)(Ubisoft Corporation, action)
RPG (temporary)(Rideon Japan Co., Ltd., RPG)
Jumpin '(provisional)(Railfan Holdings Corporation, jump action)
Level 5 new RPG(Level 5, Inc., RPG)

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