Registered in Guinness, the world's longest ears dog

The 2012 Guinness Record will be released on September 15th, but "The world's longest dog in the world" is registered in it.

Video: Meet Harbor - The new dog with the longest ears in the world - Guinness World Records

Dog with world's longest ears, Harbor the hound, crowned by Guinness World Records |

Black and Tan CoonhoundHarbor's ear length is 12.25 inches (about 31.11 cm) for the right ear and 13.5 inches (34.29 cm) for the left ear. If you look at the picture rather than listen with numbers, you can feel the length.

Harbor was born with long ears, and when he was a puppy, he often fell down from the stairs because of it. Now he is 8 years old, as the body got bigger, the effect of being born by this long ear is that the ear occasionally rides on the head and attracts the attention of the people who go.

Owner owner Jennifer Wert got together to summarize Harbor's ears shortly and overhead. It is a scary scenic look like a towel is put on your head when you take a bath.

Mr. Wert says, "A passing car is suddenly stopped and I will take a picture of Harbor, and those who have often attracted my ears, Harbor does not think so much about it as a matter of course As saying, "You just take a walk and get a lot of attention.

The long ears are characteristic of the dog breed called black and tan coonhound, Harbor seems to be strong. Long ears are not to listen to the sound well, but to play the role of smelling around the odor, the trembling ears play an advantageous effect like walking and surely carry more odor to Harbor's nose It is said that.

The movie whose owner Wert is answering the Guinness Committee interview is here. Regardless of human thought, Harbor 's cute feeling stands out lazily and stands out.

Dog with the longest ears - Harbor - YouTube

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