"HUNTER × HUNTER" cast announcement started in October 2011, casting role is Mangumi Ban

"HUNTER × HUNTER" became a new TV animation series and started broadcasting from OctoberIt will be, but this cast became clear now. As the staff has been redesigned, Cast has also been redesigned from the 1999 edition.


The key visual of the work.

First, the role of Gon FreaksMegumi BanMr. Actress / voice actor who debuted at the movie "Sakura no Garden" in 2008, he is active in drama, movies and theater. It has also appeared in the NHK continuous TV novel "Wife of Gegege" in 2010. Incidentally, it is also the daughter of Mr. Ban Keiko, a voice actor known for the role of "Mobile Suit Gundam" Lala Sun or "Saint Seiya" Sayori Kido.

The role of Kirua - SoldikMariya IseMr. In the work currently being broadcasted "TIGER & BUNNY"Huang · Paolin (Dragon Kid) role,"Mayo Chiki!In addition to being responsible for the role of Usami Masamune, etc., in the past "Panty & amp; stocking with garter belt"Stocking role and"Sengoku Otome - Momoiro Paradox ~"Uesugi Ken Shin role,"Yes! PreCure 5"Kasuga Ulla (Cure lemonade) role,"Omakakage"I play Come Noda Sleeping role and so on.

The role of LeorioKeiji FujiwaraMr. "Crayon Shin-chanIn addition to being widely known for generations at the role of Hiroshi Nojara, "Full Metal Alchemist"Mars Hughes or"Symphonic Psalm Eureka SevenFrom Hollow · Novak as a reliable character in the main character side, "Mobile Suit Gundam 00"Ali Al-Sahesh," Tiger & Bunny "Jake Martinez,"Baccano!"It is also doing a bad villain a little sharp like Rudd Russo. Also, in dubbing "Ironman"Tony Stark (act: Robert Downey Jr) is known.

The role of KurapikaSawashiro MiyukiMr.Voice actor awardIt is a skillful school with awards in three divisions - the leading actress award, the support actress prize, the overseas fan award - in the animation being broadcast, "Dantarian's shelfDarian 's role, "God DolsSusumu Kubo, child of "Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 1000%"Nanami Spring Song role, etc., and in the past"Strike WitchesPerinue · Clostermann role, "Durarara!!"Celty Sturlsson,"BakemonogatariKambara Suruga, "Sayonara Zetsubou SenseiKanai, Maria, Taro, "Academic apocalypse HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD"Saeko Ninjima and other actors are widely active.

Hisoka roleNamikawa DaisukeMr. "Kimi ni TodokeShota Kazuhaya "and"BLEACH"Ulquiorra,"Tsubasa Chronicle"Fai,"Level EPrince role, "I'm ready, Azazel.In addition to being known for role playing by Akiboshi etc, movies "Star Wars"Anakin Skywalker (Hayesen · Christensen) who grew up in the new trilogy and"Lord of the RingFrodo (act: Elijah Wood) is also famous for dubbing.

Other casts are supposed to become obvious later, but Mr. Ban Megumi playing as a gon feels that he is quite a selection. Unfortunately belonging officeAtomic monkeyBecause I can not listen to the sample voice on the site, I do not know exactly what kind of voice it is, but since the surroundings are firmly tightened, I feel that it does not matter if I do not feel so concerned.

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