Treasure hunter discovers something that seems to be Millennium Falcon at the bottom of the ocean

A Swedish Treasure Hunter is exploring the ocean floor with sonar, a spacecraft appearing in "Star Wars"Millennium FalconHe seems to have discovered a shadow that seems to be a problem.


Have Swedish Treasure Hunters Just Discovered The Millenium Falcon On The Sea Floor? | TechCrunch

This was found during the search from Sweden to Finland from 11 June to 19 June. The main aim of the exploration is to look for a Swedish merchant ship sunk by U-Boat in Germany during World War I, the merchant ship sank with 3000 bottles of champagne and cognac etc, if you can salvage 1 It is worth 20,000 euros (about 2.2 million yen).

This shadow of this mystery reflected in sonar during the search. Peter Lintberg, responsible, has seen sonar images over hundreds of hours so far, but he seems to have seen something like this for the first time.

By the way, the Millennium Falcon issue looks like this.

The discovery of this mystery is also taken up in Swedish tabloid paper "Expressen".

Lintberg thinks that it may be something like Stonehenge, but unfortunately there is no money to investigate this in detail.

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