Three U-boats called "Hitler's lost fleet" are discovered in the Black Sea ocean

German U-boat (submarine) through World War I and World War IITrade destructionIt caused a tremendous damage and said that the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill of the time "told me that I was the only U-boat to fear". The U boat that was discovered this time was transported a distance of 2000 miles (about 3,200 km) from land from Germany to trade destruction against Russia and was active in the Black Sea. It seems that it was discarded around the end of the war and stayed as it was.

Details are as follows.
"Hitler's lost fleet" discovered over 60 years.

Mr. Selçuk Kolay, a marine engineer in Turkey, found out the position of the ship from the old records of the German Navy and interviews with survivors of the fleet and discovered the sonar survey of the ocean floor.

Mr. Kolay on the left. The right is Rudolf Arendt who was 21 at that time and served as captain of U - 23.

Of the three sunk, U - 23 was a submarine ace, "a quiet otto" Otto Kretschmer was once commanding a ship. In 1941, Otto received a bombardment during a strategy action at U - 99, became unable to navigate, became a prisoner of war.

It was carried on land and rivers from Kiel Military Port facing the Baltic Sea to Constanţa of the Black Sea.

First we moved from Keel to Dresden using the canal and the Elbe river.

Carried inland to Ingolstadt along the banks of the Danube.

There are 6 submarines deployed in the Black Sea. More than 50 boats sunk by the two-year strategy, 46,500 tons. In response to a counterattack, three vessels were submerged. In August 1944 Romania declared war on Germany on the Allied side, so the remaining three U - 19, U - 20 and U - 23 came out of the Black Sea. Captains and others decided to discard the ship secretly to the Turkish coast unavoidably. All three crews were detained as prisoners of Turkey.

Adolf Hitler's 'lost fleet' found in Black Sea - Telegraph

As a result of examination, the expression "Hitler's lost fleet" seems to be used only in this news relation, but it sounds like a title of a movie.

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