EMobile Announces Japan's First Android 3.2 Tablet "GALAPAGOS A01SH"

It was revealed that eMobile is planning to release Android 3.2 tablet "GALAPAGOS A01SH", the first in Japan, at the new model release meeting held from 15:00 on August 3, 2011.

Attendance is Mr. Kuniharu Abe Deputy President Executive Officer eAccess Ltd.

And Mr. Yuji Arai, Deputy Director of Communication Systems Division Sharp Corporation.

It is clear that Android 3.2 tablet "GALAPAGOS A01SH", the first in Japan, will be released from EMOBILE.

【Quick News】 Japan's first Android 3.2 tablet "GALAPAGOS A01SH" will be released from EMOBILE - GIGAZINE

Body photo review of "GALAPAGOS A01SH". The main body size is compact and adopting aluminum body, the weight is 389 grams and it is considerably light weight, but various connectors are also carried.

"GALAPAGOS A01SH" haste photo review, Sharp's extended Android 3.2 tablet - GIGAZINE

Questions and answers made at the venue are as follows.

Q: Mobile phone Watch Tsuda:
Is it since EM · ONE to deploy Sharp terminals? Also, will not we do our own sales of "GALAPAGOS A01SH"?

Yes, deployment of Sharp's terminal has been since EM · ONE. For this model, we will not do our own sales.

Q: IT Pro:
Please tell us about the price of the terminal. What is the aim of being 3G not installed?

We can not answer about price, but we plan to sell it by GALAPAGOS alone. If it is a set sale, a price plan will be prepared separately. Regarding the estimate of price, I would like to offer it with content that is sufficiently competitive with market price.

The reason why 3G is not installed is because the result of investigation that the needs of tablet exclusive use for tablet is hard to come out is easy because "how much user wants to contract a line". We believe that users will be more pleased to summarize communications with Wi-Fi routers and smartphones with tethering function.

Q: MM Research Institute:
What is the sales target of "GALAPAGOS A01SH"? Also, I would like to ask you about the target layer we are assuming. And what do you think about Android's security aspects?

We can not answer sales goals.

The top core layer is a business user in the 30 to 40's, or a female user who feels netbooks or 10-inch tablets are heavy. And for families, we assume three target targets.

Regarding security aspects, I would like to consider adopting security software.

Q: Freelance Koyama:
I will ask you about the future sales method of "GALAPAGOS A01SH". Will it be sold from a carrier like this time or will it be sold from the manufacturer Sharp? Also, is the 3G model considered?

As for the selling method, since this time is the presentation of e · mobile, I will refrain from comment.

We will refrain from commenting on the 3G model as well. I think that the Wi - Fi model is larger as the need.

Q: Kyodo News Agency:
Whether it was brought in from EMOBILE or SHARP about the release of "GALAPAGOS A01SH" this time.

Please think that both companies spirited and released. In this terminal we adopted a size of "7 inch", but it is a form that Sharp's concept developed based on thinking it is just right size for Japanese and Asian users and eMobile's aim matches.

Q: Writer Yamada:
What do you think about updating Android OS?

Regarding the update, there are situations of Google, so why can not I mention anything, but I am thinking about taking the attitude that it responds as appropriate in response to the needs of users.

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