Google, released a browser "Google Chrome 13" with 30 fixes including vulnerabilities

Google released the latest stable version of web browser "Google Chrome 13". In this update, 30 vulnerabilities (of high level 14, medium level 9, low level 7) have been fixed and new Chrome instant searches and powerful print preview features have been added.

Google Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update

When automatic update is enabled, it is already updated to the latest version the next time it starts up.

Firstly from instant search. Open the Chrome settings screen (gear icon).

In the "Search" menu there is an item "Enable Instant Search to speed up searching and browsing", so check it if you want to use it.

Instant search is a function that reads a web page by pressing Enter after you start entering URL in the address bar, you can quickly browse. Also, as soon as you enter a keyword it will display the search results.Click here for Chrome Instant Search Recording Policy.

Next is a print preview function. This requires that the "Chrome PDF Viewer" plug-in is enabled.

Enter "chrome: // plugins /" in the address bar to check the status of the plugin.

Click "Enable" if PDF viewer is disabled (background is gray).

The print preview is now displayed.

Besides monochrome, it also supports color display properly.

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