9 biggest sunken holes in the world

There are nine huge cave holes in all over the world, such as America and Gratemala. There are various holes from what seems to have occurred in nature to things that occurred in residential areas due to rupture of the water pipe, but from each one a unique force can be felt.

10 Of The Largest Sinkholes In The World: Pics, Videos, Links, News

1:Cuttara Lowland(Egypt · Cairo)

In some places the "Cuttara Lowlands" in the basin which is 133 m lower than the sea level is the second lowest inland area in Africa. It has an area of ​​18,000 square kilometers and it is the largest sinking hole in the world.


It seems that the huge cave hole made in the city of Berezniki in 1986 is expanding year by year. Currently it has a depth of 200 m, a length of 80 m and a width of 40 m, but it is impossible to stop the expansion. By the way, it seems that 10% of potassium carbonate in the world is produced from this area.

3:Guatemala City(Gratemala)

The recessed hole made in Guatemala 's capital Guatemala City on 23 February 2007 seems to be as deep as 100 m, and in the case of a building it is 30 stories. The cause of the cave hole is considered to be storm and rupture of the sewer pipe.

And in 2010, again sunken holes occurred in the same town. The width here is 18 m, the depth is 60 m.

The movie that shot the state of the sunken hole is here.

Video, images of Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala City - YouTube

4: Devil's sink hole (Texas, USA)

Texas 'Devil's Sinkhole' discovered by settlers in 1867, about 121 m deep and 12 to 18 m openings. There are as many as 4 million bats living inside.

When I look at the movie where as many as 4 million bats are jumping over, I feel that I was convinced that the name "devil" was given.

Devil's Sinkhole - October 17, 2009 - YouTube

Five:Sarisariya me(Venezuela)

Sarisariyama is a mountain with an altitude of 1,350 m near the border with Brazil, which was discovered in 1974, with roughly circular recessed holes in the sandstone strata of the Precambrian period. It is said that the largest one will be 350 m in diameter and 350 m deep.

A movie of Sarisari mea with a surreal atmosphere is from the following.

How Sinkholes like Guatemala happen - YouTube

6: Bimmah Sinkhole (Oman)

This beautiful cave hole is 20 m deep and 40 m wide, and the water accumulating in the hole is bright green and it seems to be turned into a swimming spot.

You can understand more about the local situation by looking at the following movie.

Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman - YouTube

7: Agrico Gypsum Stack (USA · Florida)

Agrico Gypsum Stack is a cave hole that appeared in the mountain of waste dumped by Phosphorus mining company IMC Agrico in 1994. Boasting a depth of 15 floors in the building, this hole contains 80 million tons of toxic gypsum and the cost used to purify it is several million dollars (about several hundred million yen).

8: Macungie Sinkhole (Pennsylvania, USA)

This recessed hole that appeared in the suburbs of Pennsylvania in June of 1986 is about 23 m in width and about 11 m in depth. It seemed to have occurred due to the rupture of an old water pipe, which took $ 450,000 (about 35 million yen) to restore.

9: Daisetta Sinkhole (Texas, USA)

This caved hole was 274 m in width and 80 m in depth, and it was made in suburb of Texas in 2008. Originally it was a small hole about 6 m in diameter, but it was said that it spread rapidly during the day. In the basement of this town there is a rock salt dome where natural gas and crude oil are accumulated, so oil mining is taking place, which is considered to contribute to the collapse.

The movie which took the moment of landslide etc. is here.

Sinkhole in Daisetta Texas - YouTube

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