"WORKING !!" waiting for the second phase of animation and collaboration menu of Royal host review

Just a year ago, Royal hosts were animating "WORKING !!Collaboration withOriginal collaboration menu of Akihabara store only appearedI did it, but this year we also went to the Royal Host Akihabara store by providing a collaboration menu following this as well.

This is a tie-up menu.

Children of WORKING !! are drawn in detail here and there.

The back side is promotion of one side WORKING !!

The full production limited Blu - ray BOX of the 1st period will be released on August 24th. The price is 33,600 yen including tax.

And the second stage of animation "WORKING '!!" started broadcasting from October 2011.

Currently, the second series of character song series is on sale.

So, the actual collaboration menu is this, cheese in hamburger plate. 1450 yen including tax.

Family restaurant which is the stage of WORKING !!, Flag of Wagnaria stands.

It is a plate menu featuring hamburger steak & fried shrimp curry.

Rice is by no means small amount.

Salad part.

Hamburg gets a little happy with cheese, but it seems that the feeling of bass feeling is a bit of a lack of power. It is not decided whether the main spin of the menu is curry, hamburger steak, fried shrimp, or whatever it is, it has calmed down halfway. Especially, as Royal host is doing curry fair in summer, feeling disappointing is great when we taste the taste like curry like a good retort, honestly, if it is said that this is 1450 yen " Level that I think that the coaster comes with about 200 yen? What is it?

Take care and go to dessert. Wagnaria special chocolate parfait, tax included is 550 yen.

The top of the ice cream is not melted but a fudge sauce is applied.

Sour cherry is the red one that I saw pomegranate for a moment. In addition, four Languedosa are stuck around.

Ice has three vases including vanilla, chocolate and vanilla from the top, making it a pretty cool parfait perfect for the hot season. However, I wanted more fruit.

Omake's coasters are sealed and the clerk brings them in a state that they can not see the pattern, so we can not choose it. It was Poplar & Yachiyo this time.

The first one (5 types in total) until August 10, the second one (5 types in total) from August 11th to 20th, the first 10th and the second one from August 21, all 10 As the distribution will be of type, people going to complete must visit before the coasters are gone.

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