KFC "Roast chicken wrap" review with roasted chicken scent overflowing reviews

From today Kentucky Fried Chicken will introduce a new product "Roast chicken wrapI went to the shop by saying that it is on sale.

"Tomorrow day pack" is cheap because 28th is a chicken day, but today I came to eat lap so I'm sorry I can not benefit from it.

A funny illustration of Crushers.

Roasted chicken wrap is 380 yen for single item, set is 640 yen with potato M and drink M.

Opened the package, roasted chicken wrap appeared.

The fragrance of roast chicken spreads fluffily at the time of unpacking. It is an aroma-inspiring scent.

Chicken is lined up in two pieces in a vertical direction. Because both are freshly made, I am excited.

The taste of the sauceMos Burger's "Nan Tacos"A kind of salad flavored finish like recalling. It's a lot of vegetables and it seems to be suitable for breakfast etc. rather than having to eat late in the evening like this. Since the cloth of the rap itself is quite dusty and it swells in the stomach, the appearance is not so large, but there is a response to eating.

I noticed it when I went to a shop, but the taste of Crashers had changed considerably, so I ordered it again.

This is a strawberry banana

The pulp that is in it is strawberry, the color looks a bit pinky and looks like a strawberry flavor, but its aftertaste is definitely a banana. It makes me confused by the slight difference in taste.

Pine & Shikwasa

Pine is the fruit pulp contained. I do not know if it is shikwasa, but it is a citrus fresh frozen drink.

Cafe Mocha crunch

Vanilla biscuits are pleasant texture, mocha flavored dish.

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