"Kirin raw tea the sparkling" that wants to cry to become like this

Finally from Giraffe"Raw tea the sparkling"Has been released. Along with Itoen 'O O O O Tea, Suntory' I Yemen Gate '3 major powers in the PET bottle green tea marketThe green tea which occupies a corner of the ceremony was challenging to the unknown area "green tea carbonate" in a bold manner, so I immediately tried to check the results.

Kirin Beverage | Kirin Fresh Tea The Sparkling

"Raw tea the sparkling" package.

It is written as "fragrance of yuzu slightly sweet".

Sugars, green tea, raw tea leaves extract are in line with raw material display, and I feel uneasy about combination of unfamiliar green tea and sugar.

I just poured into the glass. Shuwashuwa and foaming, a citrus scent with a slightly sweetness drifts.

After drinking, the bad taste of unfamiliar aftertaste remains with the taste which can only be expressed as "things that sugar and yuzu and carbonate were added to extremely thin tea". Several editorial members who tasted it are extraordinary for their shocks. "Raw tea The sparkling" became a drink that I wanted to ask about why that raw tea had become like this.

The adventure of raw tea ended in disappointing results, but I feel like expressing respect for the frontier spirit of Kirin, who intends to expand the possibilities of green tea beverages. What kind of drink can you give us a surprise the next time? By the way, posted yesterday"Pepsi Caribbean Gold" review where Sparrow seems to get angry when it is a CaribbeanIt seems that people who thought "I drank it but it was not enough to get angry" would read a different sentiment for this "green tea the sparkling".

Additional notes:
After completing the article, a female employee in the editorial department saying "I like yuzu tea" drank this, I mentioned the impression that "This is a repeatable level." After all liking preference is like each person, we can not recommend, but some people like it very much.

By the way, in the evaluation in the editorial department "It's the worst 2 I have drunk,Pepsi AzukiIt is the same rate as "It settled down. Currently, the worst 1 is"Dragon Quest sticky slime"is.

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