From nekomimi to Kemono daughter, Armor person pretty figure figures various

A beast man may be born in the real worldIt is a hot topic nowadays,Wonder Festival 2011 [Summer]Also a beast figure figure covering from nekomimi to Kemono daughter was exhibited.

This is a circle"BMW."Mr. Manaba by. It was only exhibition, there was no sale. Manyo is an Inari shop, original character by Kotaro.

Stereoscopicization of original character "Karasan" by chemo artist / Megumi Tashiro,"1/6 Hanashi". Because prototype production did not make it in time, there is no sale. Prototype production, Shoichi Ito.

Character of doujinshi "Legend · Nights" by producer"1/8 al (casual wear)". Prototype production, Shoichi Ito.

Also from "Legend · Nights""1/8 Aria (Practice Wear)". Prototype production, Shoichi Ito.

"Futaba ☆ chan"Born from"There is a devil". Prototype production, Shoichi Ito.

There are three patterns of facial expression of the devil.

"1/8 al (swimwear)" prototype production, Shoichi Ito.

"1/8 Aria (bathing suit)" prototype production, Shoichi Ito.

I. S. I FACTORY "Girlfriend 's cosplay girl" 3000 yen (tax included).

Poyon Max and SABA"There is a devil".

Honey peel"Heroes Senki Abe Seiaki" by.

Mr. Eri's original character "Kagomo Queen" is also in three-dimensional form due to honey pepper.

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