Swine who can not fly can swim, piglets who swam 1.6 kilometers to go home

Pigs released to the uninhabited island in the Longa region in the northwestern part of Scotland caused a rare event to swim a mile (about 1.6 kilometers) in order to return to the home sheltered house on the coast.

Pigs can not fly ... but they can swim: Homesick Scottish boars paddle a mile across the sea | Mail Online

Jay Goss (31) who came to play at the beach witnessed the swine in the middle of swimming. When I was looking at the sea from the cottage owned by his parents, I found a shadow swimming across the sea, although I thought it was initially otter or something, but then I looked at a long nose and a pig He noticed he was swimming.

Pig name is Mary by female and truffle by male. Pigs are sometimes used as a means of finding smells when harvesting truffles, but they are quite direct naming.

"Although the ocean is a place that pigs are too severe to swim, the two swim about 1.5 kilometers and reached the land, it is truly unbelievable.The two who rose to the land were trembling trembly, It seemed to be nervous, "Goss tells about the discovery.

James Cameron, the owner of the pig, kept six piglets, including lactating baby pigs, so they felt that the number was too high, then picked Mary and truffle out of them to the uninhabited island of Longa I released it. In some cases I always released the overspending sheep in the same way, so I thought that I would like two of the uninhabited islands with abundant grass that would become a food and that is beautiful, so I decided to carry it out.

Mr. Goss called Phone Cameron immediately after discovering the pig and informed that the swine swam from the island, Cameron thought that it was a joke at the beginning, received it, confirmed it He said that he was nodding in a half to the word he wanted.

However, Cameron, who actually arrived at the beach, saw that piglets that he delivered to a deserted island wandered around the coast. He changed the original policy, picked up two and decided to keep it with other pigs again.

The two who came to be known as pigs crossing the sea came to be popular with tourists visiting the coast. "I'm sure they think that they missed their brothers and came home, and maybe they could not forget the time of feeding," Cameron commented.

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