Farmer who dyed sheep in bright orange

It is a topic that British farmers have dyed the sheep's hair, which he keeps, to orange.

It seems that it was not for fashion, but for another purpose that dyed the sheep in an eye-catching vivid color.

The real intention of the farmer who dyed sheep into oranges is as follows.That should stop the ram raiders: Farmer plagued by sheep thefts paints his flock orange | Mail Online

John Heard, who runs farmers in Dartmoor, Devon, England, who dyed 250 sheep, owned by himself, to a very eye-catching orange color even from a distance.

This strange work is not done separately by the hobby of Heard, but recently it aimed at the effect of checking sheep thieves who are dancing around the farm. Orange dyes, of course, are harmless to sheep.

It has been suffering from the theft of sheep for several years, and it seems that 200 sheeps have been stolen in total. If you sell it for meat, you get 140 pounds (about 19,000 yen) per head, so even if you calculate it roughly it has received about 4 million yen damage.

The use of this dye makes it easy for the thieves to do the job as sheep get away from the flock, so even if it succeeds in stealing it, even if it succeeds in stealing it, its gaudy It will make it easier to get your feet from the appearance.

"My son James advised me that I should dye the sheep with an orange dye.Though it looks a bit strange, it certainly looks a bit strange but thanks to this, without losing one sheep this year "Heard talks about that effect.

"The National Farmer's Union" points out that the number of criminal acts in the country is increasing, which has brought huge financial burdens on farmers and others. In the UK, sheep stealing alone has increased by 5 times compared to last year, so we can see that countermeasures against dyeing sheep in orange have been quite effective.

Stolen sheep are slaughtered slaughterhouses that are not licensed and will be shipped as meat without being adequately inspected, so to prevent theft, there is also a purpose to maintain the quality of the meat on the market as well.

Whether farmers imitating Heard's approach will appear in the future may be after the effectiveness of this countermeasure is proved, but the orange sheep that moves without herds on the grasslands will be in the suburbs of the UK It may come as a date to settle as.

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