A shepherd who drives a flock of sheep with something other than a dog

There are shepherds in China who use things instead of dogs to drive down flocks of sheep. It is a bit of a surprise to say that such a thing will manage.

Details are below.
Dogless shepherd uses wolf poster to control his flock of sheep | Metro.co.uk

Du Hebing of China is driving her sheep with a wolf poster. As shown in the photograph, the effect seems to be driven quietly by the sheep.

Du used to use a sheepdog before, but I was in trouble because I could not buy next for economic reasons since the predecessor died. At such a time, it is said that she came up with this idea at the safari park in the neighborhood, seeing that the flock of sheep never approached the picture of the wolf on the doorway of the fence.

"Neighbors are all laughing but they have an effect, unlike a sheep dog, it does not cost any food," Du commented.

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