'Fully automatic laser scarecher' emerges to drive away birds that devour crops with laser light

Human beings have secured their own foods in agriculture cultivating fields and cultivating cereals and fruits for more than 20,000 years ago. And the history of agriculture is also the history of warfare with insects, birds, wild boars and the like that devours crops. It is reported that a farmer who is devoured by birds in American blueberry field has been successfully successful in repelling birds by putting a fully automated laser scarecrower .

Growers Are Beaming Over The Success Of Lasers To Stave Off Thieving Birds: The Salt: NPR

You can see the actual scene of the Scarecrow movement in the following movie.

Laser bird deterrent at a Blueberry farm - 99% bird reduction! - YouTube

Justin Meduli is managing cherries and blueberry fields in Jefferson, Oregon. When the harvest season comes every year, birds come from a group of about 2,000 birds to about 3,000 birds, and they devour the field blue berries. The damage will reach about a quarter of the blueberry in the field, about 100,000 dollars (about 11 million yen).

Maiduri once hired a falconer to drive away birds from the blueberry field. However, the hawk seems to have been costly and difficult to carry out, and it was said to have escaped, and he said that he did not play the role of "driving away birds" almost. Therefore, Mr. Meduli decided to introduce a fully automated laser scarecher manufactured by Bird Control Group into his own field.

Mediuri set up six laser scarechers in a field of 1.35 km × 0.7 km.

A device that looks like a surveillance camera is a laser Scarecrow. Bird deterrent technology using lasers uses bird instincts, and birds recognize the approaching laser beam as a predator and escape. The laser scarecrowt developed by the Bird Control Group was originally used at airports and corporate farms, it works with solar panel power, threatens birds with a green laser beam launched in an irregular pattern.

When visiting Medi - ri 's field in the daytime, you can see the green light grain running on the ground. Although initially developed, complaints were received from animal protection groups as a risk of depriving human beings and wildlife's eyes by means of laser beams, the Bird Control Group will adjust the direction and output power of the laser By circumventing this problem. Bird Control Group's Laser Scarecrow has been honored in terms of innovation, effectiveness and animal welfare from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Mr. Mediur is very satisfied with the result of the Laser Scarecrow and is pleased that "no birds that bothered me that much now will come." The price of the laser scarecrow is about $ 9,500 (about 1 million yen), but according to Wayne Ackermann, director of North American business development at Bird Control Group, "The affordable price as an agricultural machine" about. The Bird Control Group is considering full-scale entry into the United States and already plans to sell more than 300 laser scarechers in 2019 against various customers such as oil refineries and warehouses, as well as agriculture That's right.

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