Actually the price of broiler chicken is higher than I imagined


Inexpensive chicken meat compared to beef and pork is useful as low price and high protein food. However, it seems that this inexpensive chicken meat is expensive when it looks in the long term, and it pays for that society as a whole.

You can buy a cheap chicken today, but we all pay for it in the long run | Patrick Holden | Opinion | The Guardian

Demand for chicken is increasing not only in Japan but also globally, but one of the factors is "being inexpensive". Common as a breed of poultrybroilerIs breeded so that it can be grown to a large extent in a short period of time and it takes more than four months for chickens to grow in nature, whereas broilers reach chicken from 40 to 50 days, so "cheap Chicken meat "has been greatly contributed to realization.

However, since the broiler is raised in an extremely overcrowded environment of as many as 16 birds per square meter, there is a high risk of getting sick due to an increase in the temperature of the floor, excretion of the excrement, and stress from overcrowding, so administration of antibiotics It is pointed out that the growth hormone may be administered to promote growth and this residue enters the human body by eating broiler and harms health.

ByOikeutta eläimille

The GuardianPointed out the financial problem of raising the cost of medical expenses in the UK for treating it by pointing out health risks by broilers, eating inexpensive chicken meat. Broilers do not cost public health, so they are inexpensive, but the cost associated with it is a risk of rising medical expenses, and points out the possibility that a high payment has been paid.

Regarding general factory products, environmental pollution control measures occurring in the manufacturing process have been incorporated as manufacturing costs. Exhaust emissions from the factory, wastewater and carbon dioxide emissions are severely restricted, and in order to clear this, factory capital investment has been made, and the cost is added to the unit price of the manufactured goods.

On the other hand, in the case of a broiler which can be said to be a "factory product", at the stage of production (breeding), no expenses are paid for health risks that may arise in the future, The structure that it is covered by the tax of. Special chicken (organic chicken) raised in the breeding method which gives grain raised without using chemical fertilizer or pesticide in a vast breeding space is three times as expensive as broiler circulating widely in the market, but with organic chicken and The Guardian insists that the monetary merit that consumers obtain due to broiler price differences may not compensate for the rise in health care costs and is not worth the cost of society as a whole.

ByThomas Vlerick

"Who will bear the" debt "caused by manufacturing poultry inexpensively?" Under the current policy, it is difficult to change the consumption structure that only low-priced chicken is chosen, so it is difficult to change the organic structure Producing chickens is a big risk, and producers are forced to choose mass production by broilers. However, as health risks by broilers are not only financial but also health related issues, it is also a matter that needs to be solved by politics.

The Guardian, as a means to solve the problem of cost increase of society as a whole by broilers, says, "To strengthen taxation on chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals, to grant subsidies to producers who cultivate organic agriculture and healthy livestock, Encourage food supply "and" Education to build a system that can make safe foods that safer consumers can choose safer foods and education to disseminate their understanding ".

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