An eccentric object such as fried eggs and cups made with cool jelly in the eyes

There may be many people who have continued summer days here and have appetite drops, but even such people can be eaten .... It might be oddly made with jelly.

Interesting Objects Made Of Jell-O

Fortified city of jelly which was pumped up with colorful jelly.

Reproduce the toy's piano with jelly.

Toppings a black jelly that looks like ants are further aimed at something like sandwiches such as tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese.

In the previous article,There is no need to wash and throw away, eatable cupDisplay using. Atmosphere that color is attached to the cup itself and it is cool.

Aquarium style dish filled with blue jelly in a fish bowl.

Accessories like large jewelry.

A different kind of bouquet that made flowers jelly.

It was a strange look and table. Hamburgers on the left and fried egg on the right?

These bullets are also made of jelly, but because they are coated with gold foil, they do not look like they look.

Jelly which solidified grapefruit pulp with jelly and returned to the skin again.

I cherry cherries with bright red jelly.

Overall, plump sushi type jelly.

It is a tray carrying ketchup, mustard and pickles, but this seems to be made of jelly.

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