15 equations that show how the world is visible to men

Some men living in dormitories and boarding houses do not clean at all, live in a messy room, leave the dishes without washing them, looking from a handsome person a very unbelievable life There are also many people sending me. It is quite interesting to see how the world looks to such men, using pictures and equations, hamburgers seem to be feasts, salt and pepper seem to be a versatile seasoning.

Izismile.com - How Male Students See Life (15 pics)

1.Sofa = bed. Even dirty sofa will be the best bed.

2.Hamburger = feast

3.Cleaning = dreadful, sometimes heavy labor that may involve death

Four.Washing machine = ironing on. In other words, is there a sense of accomplishment like when you finished ironing by just washing it?

Five.Attaching a colon = To take a bath. Summer is a place I would like you to give up if possible.

6.Personal computer desk = dining table

7.Clothes piled on the floor = Cleanly organized costume shelf

8.Sink buried with tableware = normal sink

9.Socks = clipWaste cloth). No, that reasoning is strange.

Ten.Range = gas stove

11.Vegetable room = coffin for vegetables. I just pray that it has not liquefied unnoticed.

12.Salt · pepper = universal seasoning

13.Dish-drying shelf = cupboard

14.Candy = toothpaste. Will not at least become a toothpaste gum ...?

15.Adult site = fitness machine. In other words, it seems like to say that it is exercise.

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