The government considers the revival of "eco point", as measures to cope with power shortage


Although it is "Eco Point" which was implemented from 2009 to March this year, a certain amount will be given to users who purchased low-power digital terrestrial television, air conditioners, and refrigerators, but there is a possibility that it will be resurrected It was reported.

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According to each company's report, Koichiro Genroku, State Strategy Minister, Kenichiro Genroku was in a meeting after the Cabinet meeting this morning, which is aimed at energy saving products as a countermeasure against the imminent power shortage as it is difficult for prospects for the nuclear power plant to resume operation It is said that he showed his idea of ​​reviving the eco point system that it was supposed to be in this winter.

Genroku national strategy minister said that it is necessary to disseminate LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting, storage batteries, energy-saving houses, etc. in order to save electricity, "We can have eco points as one of concrete measures", said the end of this month It is also a policy to summarize the system at the "Energy and Environment Conference" where he is chaired by himself, and to incorporate related expenses into the third supplementary budget plan, aiming to realize this fall or later.

In addition, it is said that specific systems such as which point to give home appliances will be examined in the future.

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