Eco-point, which survived itself was continuing to be continued next year, considering expansion of target products

Distributing points that can be exchanged for gift certificates, etc. to consumers who purchased home appliances corresponding to energy saving such as air conditioners, refrigerators, terrestrial digital broadcasting compatible televisions, etc. as economic measures during LDP 's Aso cabinet periodGreen appliances eco point systemAlthough it was carried out, it became clear that it is a policy to continue in the next fiscal year.

By reviewing the supplementary budget due to the change of power,The system in which the survival itself was at stake temporarilyHowever, it seems that expansion of target products is also considered.

Details are as below.
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According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, at the press conference after the Cabinet meeting on October 9, Environment Minister Ozawa Shigehito made a request to estimate the next fiscal year's budget submitted on Friday, "Eco Point It is said that he announced his intention to include the continuation of the system.

In addition, although the products subject to the Eco Point System are three items, terrestrial digital broadcasting compatible television, air conditioner, and refrigerator, they also said that they would like to consider "expanding the scope of target products."

Although the target product to be expanded is not decided yet, the eco point system is being implemented jointly with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry as well as the Ministry of the Environment, coordination between ministries and agencies is necessary for expanding the object In addition to the policy of seeking a reduction from the initial budget for fiscal 2009 about the budget request for the next fiscal year, it is said that it may be difficult to realize due to financial reasons and other reasons.

By the way, according to a September economic watcher survey released by the Cabinet Office on October 8, as a background for the improvement in business confidence of household trend for the first time in 2 months, in addition to large consecutive holidays and a reduction in expressway fees, And eco-friendly car tax cuts are mentioned.

(PDF file)Economic Watcher Survey September 2009 Survey Results Cabinet Office Policy Evaluation Office (Economic and Fiscal Analysis)

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