Tattoo with 76 motifs such as "Mario" "FF" "MGS" "HALO"

It is a tattoo 76 series with a motif of a game that I do not see much in Japan. Some things can not help but be wondering whether this picture is really okay ... ?. In the first place, I think that recognition in tattoo is quite different between Japan and the West. However, perhaps it may be that there is also a future where the "painful tattoo" that motivates animation and games in Japan with a nori like "painful car" in something rhythm.

Video Game Tattoos - Jack's Chains -

1:"Super Mario World"Manto Mario

2:"Mario SeriesI'm pretty free to arrange the boss character's buggy appeared in

3:Also from the "Mario series" items such as super mushrooms and superstars

Four:Mario's "Star Wars"JediI am wearing costumes to wear

Five:"Super mario brosExpress the worldview of 'with one left arm

6:"Super Mario Bros. 3"Tanuki Mario

7:Also from "Super Mario Bros. 3" from Tanuki Rui

8:The "mario series" kinopio is playing a drum for some reason

9:A sexy little sexy Princess Peach is on the killer

Ten:Brilliant 'Mario Series' Puck Flower

11:"The Legend of Zelda Gods TriforceThe hero link of

12:"The Legend of ZeldaEmblem emerged in Triforce and the Seekers tribe

13:Heral arms of "The Legend of Zelda series"

14:Heral arms on the back, master sword in hand

15:"The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of TimeNavi to support links with

16:This item also appears in "The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time" is an item of jokes of jokes, ruby ​​of rubon, sapphire of Zora

17:Child links and adult links of "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"

18:Anime"PokemonThe main character Satoshi

19:Healball also appearing in the "Pocket Monster" series

20:"Pocket monster PikachuIt is the game screen of

twenty one:"Metroid seriesThe leading character Samus Alan

twenty two:Also from "Metroid", the screw attack logo used by Samus

twenty three:This is a morphing ball

twenty four:And it is Sams.

twenty five:Le Chuck of "Monkey Island 2"

26:"Atari 2600"Released in"Adventure"s Dragon

27:"Space InvadersInvader of

28:It is also an invader

29:"TetrisHeart composed of Tetrimino

30:"GallagaThe state of the game screen of

31:simple"Pacman"Game screen

32:Kimagure, the monster of "Pac-Man"

33:Playstation dawned the dawn "Crash · BandicootFrom the hero's crash · bandiko

34:"Assassin's CreedFrom the Assassin Church symbol mark

35:HD remake in PS3 has been decided "ICOMark to appear in

36:"Silent HillMark to appear in

37:A masterpiece that used "itself as an RPG of your type" itself as a story "Bio shockReproducing the tattoo on the wrist of the hero '

38:"Final Fantasy seriesChocobo appearing in

39:"Final Fantasy VIMog

40:Boasting one of the most popular in the seriesFinal Fantasy VII'Sephiroth on the back

41:Also the main character of "Final Fantasy VII" Cloud Strife

42:"Final Fantasy IXVivi Ornithia

43:"Final Fantasy X"The leading character Tida belongs to the blitz ball team" Zanarukando Abes "logo

44:"Kingdom Hearts IIFrom the use of accelerator Weapons Chakram

45:"HALOGrant to appear in

46:Also the master chief of "HALO"

47:Master chief and Mario unite

48:Weapons that appear in "Gears of War" Lancer Assault Rifle

49:"Metal Gear Series"FOX HOUND" logo appearing in "

50:It is also the logo of "FOX HOUND"

51:"Metal Gear Solid 4Old Snake used in advertisement etc.

52:Hideo KojimaThe director produced "ZONE OF THE ENDERSIt's the logo

53:Big on the back "God of WarThe eyes of the protagonist Crayitus of the series

54:Also the face of Kritos

55:Cratos attacking the enemy. It seems that it is often chosen as a tattoo motif only in popular series

56:Nintendo logo

57:Game BoyIt is the main body.

58:Controller of the family computer "Nintendo Entertainment System" released overseas

59:Family computer dedicated controller "Power glove"is

60:"Xbox 360" controller

61:Popular music games in the West "Guitar heroButton on the guitar controller to use with

62:"Rockman XFrom the hero's X

63:"OgamiThe main character of Amaterasu. Below that is "Princess MononokeThere is Shishi God

64:"Street fighter series"Ryu has released a wave fist

65:"MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 NEW AGE OF HEROESCharacter selection screen of

66:"Seoul seriesSoul Edge to appear in

67:"Mortal Kombat" logo

68:Popular fighting game overseas "Mortal KombatSub-zero and Scorpion

69:"SegaIt's the logo

70:"Sonic seriesRepresented by the entire arm

71:"PortalLove and Lies

72:"Spyro The DragonIt's a spiro of

73:Also Spiro

74:"Quake III ArenaThe logo

75:"World of WarcraftThe coat of arms of the faction

76:Also from "World of Warcraft" Murloc

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