Color preferences vary from country to country, different color of cars in different countries

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There are many colors of cars seen in town such as white, black, silver, etc. There are few colors such as green and pink, but this seems to be quite different depending on the country.

Color My Ride: Car Color Preferences Around the World - Chart -

This is a summary of data by the Hyundai Automobile Design Group of Korea.

In Hyundai's home ground, in Korea silver is 50%, black is 23%, white is 15%, gray is 3%, mostly monochrome systems occupy. Besides 3% blue, 2% red, and 4% other color.

I thought that white was popular in Japan, but the most popular is silver at 28%. Subsequently, white was 25%. The color has 9% blue, 3% beige, 2% green, etc.

Because in North America everyone chooses their favorite color, they are considerably different in color, even if all monochrome systems are combined, they do not reach 60%.

Black, gray, blue, red are popular in Europe. White seems not to be so popular.

India also has a low ratio of monochrome here. It is characteristic that beige occupies 10%.

China has a lot of silver and black. Is it a feng shui aspect, there is also 3% yellow.

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