Three buggy things about bottled water

Although it seems that the days of summer-like sunshine continue from July, there are not many people who are drinking bottled water such as mineral water for hydration, but in the bottled drinking water Even when there is actually no health promotion effect, there seems to be some advertising as if effect is effective as well.

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"Mineral water costs hundreds of times more than tap water that comes out just by twisting the faucet, but there is not much difference between the two except that it is actually a good merchandising material.Indeed, 25 - 45% of the bottled water that is sold in the USA is derived from tap water, "Bottled and Sold"Said author Peter Gleick.

◆ with oxygen

Some of the bottled drinking water advertises "it contains as much as 40 times as much oxygen as normal water", which states that motor skills will be improved. However, when scientists tested five types of oxygen-enriched water, drinkers did not see any improvement in athletic ability. "It's not surprising, because you can get more oxygen than just oxygen-enriched water with just one breath," the scientist says. Gleick also said, "You can get from oxygen-enriched water is only expensive gapps."

moleculeIs small

"Pentah water" of the bottled water that was popular in the United States had long been saying "Because 30% of molecules are small compared to normal water, it is good for health", but after receiving complaints from British regulatory agencies I am withdrawing part of the assertion. The company still says that "small water molecules may help prevent disease and longevity," and Gleick pointed out "show scientific evidence to support that assertion" I will.

Helpful for dieting ◆

If we say that drinking bottled water helps diet, the answer can not be said either way. We can promote weight loss by drinking a lot of water, but it is not limited to drinking bottled water with vitamins and minerals, even if you drink any kind of water it is the same thing.

The manufacturing standards of mineral water in Japan are in compliance with the law prescribed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare called "Food Sanitation Law", and there are 18 standard criteria. In the case of tap water, as many as 50 items are based on the "Ministerial Order on Water Quality Standards" It is stipulated. In addition, it is said that tap water has a stricter reference value of 5 times even in items such as "lead, arsenic, zinc, and boron" which are common to both.

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