"Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare calls for" refraining to eat out with levita for now for a while "


Yakiniku chain store in Toyama PrefectureCollective food poisoning case that the customer who ate "Yukke" provided at "Yakiniku Sake Ebisu" diedThe Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare told the restaurant to instruct cooking using raw levers such as lever stabbing for customers for the time being.

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On July 6, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare indicated a standard plan incorporating heat sterilization of the surface of beef raw meat, etc. to the Substitution of Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council and was accepted. In the future, after discussions by the Food Safety Committee of the Cabinet Office and the Council, we are planning to establish a hygiene standard based on the Food Sanitation Act in October,Guidance on eating and drinking establishment not to offer raw levers for the momentWe will start discussing whether or not to set standards within this year. If criteria are set up, you can orders violators to collect meat, imprisonment for 2 years or less, or imposing a fine of 2 million yen or less.

According to the current guidelines established in 1998, when serving raw beef, it is necessary to perform "trimming" which scrapes the surface of meat, which became famous in "Yakiniku Sakehome Group Food Poisoning Incident" Although it is sought, trimming has judged that removal of bacteria is insufficient, and we have submitted a new draft standard this time.

According to the draft standard submitted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, there is a possibility that intestinal hemorrhagic E. coliO 111YaO157In order to remove E. coli and salmonella such as Escherichia coli and so on, it is necessary to put the meat in a sealed container, immerse it in hot water and heat it at a depth of 1 cm or more from the surface at 60 degrees and sterilize it. Moreover, it shows that it considers another heating method which has the same or more effect. This heat treatment is done at the processing stage in a meat processing facility and so on, and the restaurant is asked to handle the heated meat.

However, According to the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper, it is possible for merchants and restaurants to cut down the heated part and provide only the raw part to customers. Regarding the processing by vendors and cooking at restaurants, "It is clearly distinguished facilities for raw meal and heating, and cooking utensils are also dedicated to raw food," he said.

Also, apart from the guidelines for cattle raw meat, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare pointed out the danger of beef liver. There are cases in which the causal fungus of food poisoning "Campylobacter" is attached not only to the surface but also to the inside of the cow's liver, so it is said that there is no way to heat up enough to prevent food poisoning, and in 2007 We have already issued a notice that "We will refrain from offering for raw foods as much as possible".

Currently it is refraining from offering, but depending on the discussion about new hygiene standards,It may be legally prohibited that the restaurant provide beef cattle levers to customersIt is considered to be.

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