Technology that is leading to permanent operation is also being developed for notebook PCs that do not require charging due to typing power generation

Technologies have been developed to eliminate battery depletion in electronic devices such as PCs and mobile phones. Because we developed a material that can generate electricity from the pressure obtained from the operation of the equipment, depending on how it is used, there is a possibility to realize a device that can continue to operate forever.

RMIT - Nano-research opens way to everlasting battery

A team of researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia developed a "material that converts pressure to electricity" and published the paper as a magazine "Advanced Functional MaterialsWe announced on above.

According to Dr. Madhu Bhaskaran, who is the co-author of this paper, Dr. Madhu Bhaskaran said that the research is based on two possibilities: the possibility of "piezoelectrics that convert pressure to electric power" and "microchip manufacturing technology coated with thin films" It is that it investigated at the same time at the same time.

"The use of" piezoelectrics "is considered to be a device that charges the mobile phone by attaching it to the bottom of running shoes, a notebook PC that can be charged by typing, pacemakers that can generate electricity from blood pressure and move it, etc. It can be said that the possibility of developing a battery that electric power never goes out forever has expanded, "Dr. Bhaskaran says.

Although it could be demonstrated that electricity generation using "piezoelectrics" is possible, the fact that the permanent battery-equipped equipment as described above has a very complicated mechanism, so it is difficult to mass produce at present is. For that reason, we are simultaneously studying the technology to coat the microchip with a thin film so that it can be attached to existing electric appliances, etc. We are aiming for realization at an early stage.

As a future prospect, Dr. Bhaskaran said, "In order to obtain alternative energy, it is necessary to improve technology at a level that is routinely used, like high-performance smart phones and PCs, It is necessary to have a powerful microchip that is possible.The next thing we should challenge is to amplify the amount of electricity to generate after making "piezoelectrics" cheaper and more compact. " It seems that further research will be continued toward the realization of permanent batteries.

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