High performance tablet of 30,000 yen level ICONIA TAB A 500, further inexpensive and accepting reservations

Acer tablet terminal announced the other day at a price overwhelming the competitor of 30,000 yen, while tablet terminals adopting Android 3.0 are released from each company "ICONIA TAB A 500".

NVIDIA's "Tegra 2 processor" capable of full HD video playback and HD image quality game play, a comprehensive sensor group, a USB host terminal to which USB memory and keyboard can be connected, etc. Even beginners can connect with LCD TV Like bundling HDMI cables, we had both price and performance, usability, but it became clear that reservation reception is under way at a price lower than the shop front expected price.

Acer ICONIATABA 500 (Dual Core ARM Cortex - A 9/1 G / 16 GSSD / 10.1 / without AP / Android Honeycomb 3.0) ICONIA TAB A 500 - 10 S 16 - NTT - X Store

According to the NTT Group's online store "NTT-X Store", Acer's Android 3.0 tablet "ICONIA TAB A 500" was discounted from 39,800 yen to 3980 yen as of the assumed market price as of June 17, 2011 It is sold for 35,820 yen.

In addition, as for the major price information site "price .com", since the lowest price is side by side at 39,800 yen, it seems that the selling price at this time "NTT - X Store" is cheap .

Price .com - Acer ICONIA TAB A500 - 10S16 Price comparison

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