Completely photographing the station limited image of Halls and Love plus, to the content that "Ah" towards Kalesh

Ningyo of the popular game "Love Plus" in the form of cheerleard started broadcasting today from Kanto and the Kansai station on the limited edition collaboration video that "Hello" is precisely done for Kareesi, so shoot the full story I did it.

this isLimited package that "Halls pink grapefruit" and popular game "Love plus" collaboratedIn commemoration of the release of the station installed at the stationDigital signageIt was what was being aired using.

Movie playback with different content flowing depending on the time of day is from the following.Entertainment: Event Information | Throat & Hana Clearly! HALLSR

This time, I took a picture of the collaboration video being broadcast on digital signage at Midosuji entrance of JR Osaka Station. This is "Elevator Hen".

YouTube - Limited collaboration video by Nene Mr. Halls and Love plus (elevator version)

First of all, Halls of the collaboration package specification is displayed.

As the elevator rose, Ningyo appeared.

I will not bite even an elevator that goes up, and I will do a lot of things to make Kalesi eat Halls.

This time "Branco Hen".

YouTube - Limited collaboration video by Nene Mr. Halls and Love plus (Blanco)

Also at this time, Halls of collaboration package specification is displayed ......

Happy birthday appeared. I am trying to make Kalesi eat Halls.

Nene-san who does not quite reach Kalesh even if "Ah ~" is repeated. Even though we gradually expand swinging range of swing ... ....

By the way, while collaboration animation is being broadcast, it is quite impressive because digital signage on one side is jacked to Mr. Ning.

YouTube - A scene of JR Osaka Station where all sides are full of Ningyo

In addition, this collaboration video will be broadcasted between 13th June and 19th June at Shinjuku station west exit in Kanto, Shinagawa station · Shibuya station · Ikebukuro station · Akihabara station · Tokyo station · Ebisu station · Ueno station · Yokohama station · Aichi Station · Omiya Station · Mitaka Station · Kokubunji Station · Hachioji Station at each station will be airing between June 13th and June 26th. In addition, it seems that it will be on air in Osaka, Kyoto and Sannomiya stations in Kansai between June 13 and June 26.

In the case of JR Osaka station this time, "Elevator Hen" from 6 o'clock to 17 o'clock, "Branco Hen" is airing between 17 o'clock and 24 o'clock. Because CM other than Holes is flowing in digital signage, it was feeling that collaboration video flows once every 3 minutes.

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