Mr. Atsuko Maeda got back to the top position in the 3rd AKB election general election, recalculated 140 thousand sheets in terms of CD, 220 million yen worth

The result of the "3rd AKB election general election" which the idol group AKB 48 was going to decide a member singing a single to be released in August was announced on the night of the 9th and Atsuko Maeda was second in the ranking It became clear that it returned. Last Yuko Oshima is second in rank.

By the way, this election has a voting right on the CD and each fans can vote for their own members, Maeda's votes are 139,292 votes, which is a CD (1 sheet 1600 yen), it is said that even if it is simply converted to 223,726,400 yen.

Details are as below.
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Current affairs dot com: AKB general election, Atsuko Maeda premiership recall = Oshima is second place

This AKB election general election has voting rights (1 vote per CD) for fan club members and those who purchased the single "Everyday, Katyusha" released on May 25, the top 21 people elected by the election You can sing the main song, and from 22nd to 40th will be under girls singing the coupling songs.

Mr. Atsuko Maeda was No. 1 in the first general election, Yuko Oshima was second in the second election, Mr. Oshima was No. 1 and Mr. Maeda was No. 2 at the second general election, this time Maeda Has taken over the leadership.

After this election result has come out, people who calculate how much this vote counts as a result of a lot of money on Twitter etc. According to those calculations, Mr. Maeda's number of votes is 139,829 votes, which can not be said unconditionally because there are fan club membership vouchers, but if you simply convert it by CD regular price 1600 yen, it will be 223.72 6400 yen worth It is said that it is supposed to have collected votes. Also, Mr. Oshima, who is No. 2, gathered 12,2443 votes, which is also converted to a simple conversion of 965,488,000 yen. Likewise, the total for the 10th place is 691,780 votes, it seems that it will be 1,1 16.56 million yen.

At the time of the AKB election general election, fans were somehow managed to purchase CDs in order to upgrade their own members,Purchasing 5,500 CDs by myselfThere are people who do it, but it is convincing to see this vote.

By the way, among the fansSome people have bought more than 20 million yen for CDs and goods so far, and some people purchase 700 cards each time a new song comes outThat's right.

A single that reflects the results of this year's general election will be released in August.

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