KFC's "Original Chicken Special Boneless" & "Shrimp Katsushando" Tasting Review which can be Eaten with Musshamshire without Care of Bones at All

KFC's chicken with no bones seasoned with 11 types of herbs & spices from todayOriginal chicken special bonelessAs soon as it says to go on sale to the shop, the time limited release "Shrimp Catsando"We also found it, so we ordered it together and ate with musshamsha.

"Original Chicken Special Boneless" uses chicken thigh meat, and it seems that eating easiness is increasing by removing bones, what kind of finish is actually the actual state?

Taste and appearance are from the following.Kentucky Fried Chicken | Product Information | Chicken | Special Boneless

Kentucky Fried Chicken | Product Information | Sandwich | Shrimp Catsando

Arrived at KFC.

In front of the store the banner of the new product was conspicuous.

I ordered "Original Chicken Special Boneless" & "Shrimp Catsando" immediately.

I ordered two "Original Chicken Special Boneless" and one original chicken for comparison, and a set of "Shrimp Catsando".

The left hand is the original chicken, the right two are "Original Chicken Special Boneless".

This is "Original Chicken Special Boneless". It is 210 yen in one piece, and 1200 yen in six pieces.

As you heard that bone-free chicken thigh meat, you can easily break it by just twisting a bit.

I tried to bite with Gabri. Since ease of eating is only Uri and it is quite so soft you can eat dongdong so that the bones do not get in the way I feel the merit is more than I thought.

The taste trend is the same type as the original chicken, but the taste is slightly lower for this one. And there was a lack of caress only for easy to eat. Rather than being a fan of the original chicken, is not it suitable for those who do not ordinarily ask for chicken with KFC?

And "shrimps cut sandwich". It is 380 yen separately.

When opening the wrapping paper it looks like this.

I took it out.

Mayonnaise is painted under the buns, lettuce is on the bottom of it (as long as you see the official website, it should be shredded cabbage in fact ... ...).

It is shrimp crackers.

At the bottomAurora sourceIt was painted.

I will get you.

There are small prawns in the katsu and it can be enjoyed with the clothing which made the pretty feel crispy. It was a bit disappointing that the taste was felt somewhat less because the source was small, but it was eaten in the same sense as the product of Lotteria, which is good at shrimp burger.

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