"Shuumai kimi" turns into a summer comic for summer style, swimwear and straw hats etc. in summer style

A popular bot talking about learning followers on Twitter "Shomei Kim". Jumping Twitter in 2010"Priy's like"We are placing priority on that, furthermoreTo a huge cushionIt is also becoming.

Such a shower appears in summer style this summer.The 24th Prize FairIt showed me a new figure as soon as possible.
TAITO CORPORATION | Official Page || Shomei Kim

"We started our summer style, Taito," and completely cold Chinese traditional shower has become a summer style.

The second bulletin!

Shower cow who wore a straw hat

Oh my goddess watermelon

Shop owner with floating wheel

You are a swim suit shirt. ...... It looks like a swimwear for ladies, was it a man's daughter?

It's like this when you get together. Impact of swimsuit is too strong.

"It is perfect for taking me to the event", so please participate in this summer event when you participate in the event in summer.

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