A man with a tattoo indicating belonging to a specific organization clues a man who was exposed to past murder charges is arrested

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A sheriff who had been investigating the murder of the murder case that had been unresolved for several years is a real story like a fiction that superbly arrests a tattooed murderer showing an affiliation to an organization .

A sheriff who had promised before the incident with the man who was killed began an original investigation whether he felt irritated by the fact that the resolution of the incident did not stand. It seems that it was successful and arrested.

About the arrest play of a culprit like a drama from the following.Anthony Garcia, Gang Member With Tattoo of Crime Scene, Convicted of Murder

Kevin Lloyd, who is responsible for the murder case at the Sheriff's office in Los Angeles, said that the murder case that himself accidentally touched the victim before the incident was unresolved for years due to the absence of witnesses In response, we decided to start full-scale investigation. In order to arrest the perpetrator of the organization involved in the homicide, the Lloyd sheriff was organizing and organizing the pictures of tattoos that appear to belong to the organization in albums.

Lloyd's sheriff who saw the tattoo that the black-haired man had extensively placed in his chest then saw that the tattoo was somewhat similar to the organization's tattoo material he gathered, and in detail the man's tattoo I began to investigate.

The feature of the tattoo is that the letter "Rivera Kills.", Which was written around the clavicle, and the mascot character of the Planters' sweets around the chest "Mr. Peanuts"Is a strange pattern that he is shot from a helicopter. Lloyd knew that the word "peanuts" was a verbal word indicating the gang of hostile organizations of this organization, so the conviction became even deeper.

Sheriff's secretary Mike Parker said, "Lloyd has been shocked ascertaining the meaning indicated by the tattoo, as the tattoo faithfully represented the situation of the site where the murder occurred, he remembered the case at the time I also said that. "

According to Brock Lunsford, a local prosecutor's agent, the situation of the murder case was completely reflected in the tattoo, a member of the hostile organization John Juarez who was not armed was ambushed and shot in front of a liquor store It seems that it reproduced the place. In response to the Lloyd sheriff's standing up for investigation, she was in secret contact with Garcia suspects secretly. I got arrested on getting a confession of the suspect.

Prosecutor Lunsford who was in charge of the trial of the case presented evidence to the jury as a proof of a series of photographs of suspects photographed when they were arrested by another case after raising a murder case. Before the murder case, I also submitted a photograph showing the breasts of suspects who did not have any tattoos at all, and showed that as each incident raised, the number of tattoos will increase.

Anthony Garcia (25), who was revealed past murders by his chest tattoo, was convicted of this murder case. Detailed ruling is scheduled to be handed over at Norwalk, California, and it is expected that it will be sentenced to at least 65 years in prison. Because I confessed information on complicity drivers, it means that they are likely to get rape sentences.

Garcia and the victim, Juarez, were not particularly acquainted, and the victim suddenly appeared in the area where the suspect was affiliated with the territory claimed to be territorial, killing the victim. According to the prosecutor, the suspect seems to have been proud of not being regretted about the murder case, but having killed the opponent as a result.

Juarez who was killed and sheriff of Lloyd are in contact one week before the incident and Juarez who was admonished to leave the gang from the sheriff of Lloyd replied "Oh, I will do it" . The belief of the sheriff who felt regretful about the result that the convinced partner was killed before it was corrected may be said to have led to the resolution of this case.

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