Featuring an attentive and attractive smartphone "P-07C" Movie Review

EarlierPhoto reviewWe will deliver the motion of Panasonic 's first Android smartphone "P - 07 C" in the movie.

It is a smart phone for beginners who can operate comfortably by women, so unique touch manipulation is seen in the touch manipulation, the disappearance of the lock screen and the arrangement of the home screen are changed by dominant hands, and the female can move the display position of the keypad freely "Fit key" function that makes it easier to operate even with the hands, has become a full-bodied aircraft for comfortable operation.

The motion movie of "P-07C" is from the following. Many smartphones release the screen lock with a straight line movement, but this model adopts a format that unlocks by tracing a locus like two circles crossed. Since the menu icon is displayed so as to follow the traced circle, it judges whether it is right handed or left handed, and displays it accordingly.

YouTube - Home screen of P - 07C whose display changes with right handedness and left handedness

Although the keypad design and display location are basically fixed, since the "fit key" function is installed on the P - 07 C, you can choose the theme and background color from among your favorite designs, You can choose the size and display location. It is quite difficult for women to operate large screen smartphones with one hand, so it may be possible to improve operability by using this function well.

YouTube - P - 07C 'fit key' which allows you to select the color form of the keyboard in detail

Also, as Panasonic's unique feature, there is a thing called "Future Plus" that displays registered information such as incoming phone calls and updates on Twitter and SNS in chronological order. It is also possible to display for each item, making it possible to see the ambitious posture to go ahead and respond to the needs, such as "Get your present location and automatically search for delicious Italian shops and display and display" It is.

YouTube - "Future Plus" function that gathers surrounding information automatically and displays it in chronological order

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