Shizuoka specialty, I tried midnight snacks "eel pie V.S.O.P" and day sweets "shirasu pie"

Speaking of Shizuoka's confectionery,Night sweets "eel pie"Although it comes to mind, this time from among eel pies series,"Midnight Sweets"Called"Eel pie V.S.O.P"When,"Daytime sweets"Is"Shirasu pies dry and sweet"I tried it.

The actual appearance and taste of the eel pie and the sharpening pie are from the following.Eel Pie V. S.O.P. Midnight Sweets | Eel Pie Series | Hamamatsu Cakes of Kurokado

Outer box of midnight sweet "Eel Pie V.S.O.P".

The box also says "Midnight Sweets".

Raw material display etc. Brandy and macadamian, white embroidery, eel powder and so on are contained.

I just opened the lid.

Individual packaging is also luxurious.


Enveloping the fragrance of brandy and macadamia nuts, it is the finest goods with the highest peak of the eel pie.

The contents are somewhat darker than the usual eel pie. There is a slightly sweet aroma of brandy.

When you eat, brandy and vanilla smell mellow and become an elegant taste. It is a pity that the scent of sesame is strong and it is a bit disappointing that it has gone out before the scent of macadamia nuts, but it certainly feels like a premium eel pie.

This is the usual eel pie.

There are no brandy, but this seems to have garlic in addition to the eel powder.

I removed the packaging.

When opening the box inside is like this.

Familiar individual packaging.

"It is a sweet that blends eel powder, night seasoning garlic with pie rich in fresh butter, also coffee and tea for Japanese tea, giving you a smile on your daily life" Thing.

The inside is still slightly lighter in color than V.S.O. P.

The eel which is familiar with the crisp texture. It does not taste eels, but with a moderate sweetness and a light texture, it is very easy to eat sweets.

And this is a snack of noodle "shiyou pie dry".

In fact the raw material is written as "shirasu".

I just opened the lid.

"We baked a crispy pie using a rich variety of Shizuoka prefecture's fresh" shirasu ".Dry with a slightly wasabi is perfect for snacks as well as snacks.It gives you a smile at your daily living It is sweets. "

Individual packaging of shira pie is like this.

It is about half the size of an eel pie.

The surface is decorated, but wasabi is painted here, it is getting hot and hot.

I like the back side. The texture is softer than the eel pie, feeling close to the texture of pie cloth such as apple pie.

I do not smell the eel from the eel pie, but you can feel the fragrance of the wasabi and the fragrance of the shit from the shining pie firmly. Whether it is a good thing or not is a difficult place, but it is a sweet that has impact not only on the name but also on the taste.

This is sweet.

There is also plain sweet mouth.

How about this taste?

The surface is coated thick with white sugar.

This scent of sweetness or the fragrance of shaking is hardly noticed. With eating text different from eel, easy to eat in terms of size, pretty good finish.

Four kinds I ate this time. If you have something to go to Shizuoka, I think that comparing with eating is also interesting.

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