I tried eating "eel eating pie & melting chocolat" which "Eel Pie" was covered with chocolate at a eel-eyed pork specialty store for a limited time

Eel pie factoryTo celebrate the 10th anniversary of the year, we specialize in eel-eyed pies "UNAGI PIE CAFE TOKYO"Opened in Tokyo and Omotesando for a limited time only. It is said that there are menus which can only be eaten here, such as "eel pea Milfeuille Tailoring", "4 kinds of Eel Pie & Melting Chocolat", "Tailoring Eel Pie and Hamamatsu vegetable salad", so we actually went there It was.

Eel Pie Factory 10th Anniversary Project

It is Omotesando that there is an eel pie factory. It is a few minutes on foot from Harajuku station, Meiji Jingumae station.

Arrived at the shop.

It is a building with a casual atmosphere of white outer wall, but a logo mark of eel pie is standing firmly.

The first floor sells eel pie and there is no cafe space.

Going up the stairs ... ....

It was a cafe space with a bright atmosphere like this.

The panel on the wall explains the manufacturing process etc of the eel pie. It is written that the catch copy named "Evening Sweets" of the Eel Pie was attached as "When I was born in Showa 36, ​​I wish" I want you to spend time in a family with a piece of eel "in a wish" It was.

There were two seats and four seats, but this time we went to the window seat for two people.

Before placing an order, it was the sister brand of eel which was delivered firstFive grain storeBean confectionery. Two kinds of "Shiogama Kinako" and "Plum vinegar" were served in the dish.

The menu looks something like this. From the perfect food menu to the dessert menu for lunch time are available.

This time I ordered "four eel pies & melting chocolat (1980 yen including tax)". Fruit and eel pie mini are contained in domed chocolate.

The diameter of the dome is about the same as iPhone 6.

A warm chocolate sauce that the clerk brought me ......

I will call it Toro - Happy Chocolate Dome.

The appearance that eel pie is covered with chocolate can be confirmed from the following movie.

"4 kinds of eel pies & melting chocolat" with eel pie covered with chocolate - YouTube

Chocolate drips through the hole in the dome, and it covers the eel pies and fruits.

Dome collapsed with heat of chocolate sauce.

Inner ingredients are covered with chocolate.

I tried to remove the dome once.

When I removed the dome, I could see strawberries · Bavarois · kiwi · raspberry · grapefruit etc.

Chocolate covered eels are like this.

When eating, it has excellent compatibility with crispy eel as a crisp and chocolate with melted melted rich. Anyone who finds happiness in chocolate fondue is definitely satisfied.

Not to mention the compatibility of eel pie with chocolate, the acidity of fruits also goes very well with chocolate.

Bavarua is slightly sweet and sour strawberry taste, good to eat with chocolate even if you eat alone.

Dome breaks apart and gets munk.

In addition, a chocolate fondue set of an eel pie arrived in another container. In addition to the regular version, the eel pie is set with brandy "Eel Pie V. S.O.P." and "Eel Pine nuts" set.

As chocolate is warmed with candlelight, it will not cool down and solidify.

It is always in the state of Trotoro.

Pushing the eel here ...

You can enjoy it while adjusting the amount of chocolate at your preference.

The inside of the mouth gradually becomes sweet with the chocolate making like "It is still", so fresh fruit is useful.

Tea will come out in the service after meals, so after having enjoyed the plate of chocolate making it is possible to make your mouth feel refreshed.

Besides this, I wrapped an eel pie with fluffy tailored souffle glassesEel Pie and Soufle Glass Beyond Night"And Yanpa and eel pies togetherEel pies and tailoring and cherry blossoming eel pimmini"There are various sweets and foods that can be eaten only here, such as. In addition, since the eel pie cafe is a limited-time store until May 6 (Wednesday), those who are interested early please.

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