The new garage kit event "CGM Marketplace" is a great success, "Kyubebe sticker" that can sell like flying

"Machi ★ Asobi vol.6"Tokushima's first garage kit exhibition spot sale newly appeared from"CGM Marketplace". The venue was overflowing with people so as to blow away the fear of the garage kit event being successful at the place Tokushima.

The main feature of this time was the nitroplus schedule for which sales were scheduled at the eve of the evening"Kyubebe sticker". Anime"Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica"There was also a good timing of receiving the completion of, it was the first time in a row that made a queue for purchase possible.

The situation of the venue of the CGM marketplace is as follows.CGM Marketplace

The CGM marketplace is held at the AwaODodarikan 2nd floor.

Immediately after opening. It is the number of wonderful people.

Those who can not enter the venue, wait for entry after lining up the stairs.

The queue continues all the way to the upper floor.

The place is crowded with people.

I can not line up the stairs, and the row of people further grows. We will continue digesting while changing from time to time, but after the opening the momentum of people is tremendous and the pace can not catch up.

People are coming out from the stairs.

Another queue waiting for sales was created exclusively for nitroplus selling "Kyubebe sticker".

People who wish to purchase nitroplus products raise their hands and line up in a different row.

A queue waiting for purchase lining up in the aisle.

This is popular "Kyubebe sticker". There are two versions: a version that contains a line that says "Let me blush with you" and a version in which you can write lines with yourself blunt. As there are limited number of cards, purchase restrictions are applied for each one up to one.

With that feeling like "that and it ... ... afterwards cuffbe sticker", most of the people lining up will purchase stickers.

Kuubebe sticker selling like flying.

Nitroplus sells various items in addition to this. This is "U-cushion."

Live DVD and CD etc.

"Armor Devil Onimura""Muramasi".

"Muramasa metal key holder"

"Muramasen Udon"

Next to the booth"Super Sonico"PV of "Armor Devil Onimura Tadashi" PV is being swept away.

Various other dealers are also presenting booths. This is a booth of "Pizza and rocket shop".

A flyer written as "Kumar Entrance Caution".

"Fished fishery"

"Analog bear"



"Cat gets messed up on Plamo!"

"Luxurious osechi"

"Yotsubato cardboard"

"Arakawa Hiroshi"

"Vampire Savior"Lilith is a reference exhibit.

The brand "Nendoroid" of Good Smile Company was also on sale.

At the Boys' booth,Hobby Round SRThe sale of goods on sale was done.

"JAMMING OFF" booth"Bakemonogatari""Senjogahara Hitagi Private Edition".

Two figures reproduce each delicate expression.

Also JAMMING OFF "Hatsune Miku".

At the official booth of 'Reading Girl', we sell official pictures and recitation CDs.

You can also experience the application.

Somehow I hear a voice from the back of the character.

Hatsune Miku was also visiting.

Pose with green onion.

I will attack the staff with green onions.

"Spring-Kind Migrator" booth."Oriental project"On top of Hirasawa Shirasawa.

Original elementary body.

The booth of "Higashi Uchida Giken"Armed princeOn display.

At the "polygonia" booth, there was a TT motorbike of the gore ★ Asobi specification.

"Black Butler""Sebastian" is a doll.

"Remote control of Tetsujin No. 28" was sold at the booth "Monkey ~ mon.job ~". It is quite large.

There is also an explanatory note. With each button, the ball at the top of the lever lights up, blinks and sounds.

I lighted the blue light.

The price is 35,000 yen.

Although it is a successful CGM marketplace, it is a remarkable event whether it can be established as a garage kit event in Tokushima in the future.

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