The Otakadaya standard radio transmission station stops again due to lightning strikes, the radio wave clock in Hokkaido and Tohoku district becomes uncorrectable

After stopping in accordance with the evacuation order accompanying the accident at Fukushima nuclear power plant on March 12, from April 21Temporary radio wave transmission was resumed"Ootakadaya standard radio wave transmission stationIt was announced that the transmission of the radio wave was stopped again due to a lightning strike occurred at 12:06 on Monday, April 25 (Monday).

Although it was stopped again in about five days from the restart of radio wave transmission, it is said that the future movement is currently under consideration and the timing of resuming transmission is not mentioned.

About the announcement of the stop wave from the following.Event & amp; Topics | Fukushima Prefecture Otakadoya Standard Wave Radio Stop (Preliminary Report) | NICT - National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Radio transmission was restarted on April 21Ootakadaya standard radio wave transmission stationHowever, it turned out that the radio wave could not be transmitted because of the lightning strike occurred at 12:06 on April 25 (Monday), and it turned out that the state of the stop wave came again.

The announcement announced by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) is as follows.

In the Otakadaya standard radio wave transmission station, in response to the evacuation direction being issued to the surrounding area of ​​Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, transmission of the standard radio wave is stopped from 19:46 on March 12 (Sat) Implemented the necessary measures, and resumed transmission temporarily at 13:54 on Thursday, April 21 (Thursday).

However, due to a lightning strike occurred at 12:06 on April 25 (Monday), I will report it because I can not send it. The future response etc. are currently under consideration.

For the announcement when radio waves were restored on April 21, "In the future, there is a possibility that it is forced to stop due to lightning strikes and power outages. We are sorry for everyone using standard radio, but thank you for your understanding."This sentence is written and this stop is just due to this thunderbolt, so it seems that it was within the range of the assumption, but the time has come soon.

In Japan there are two transmission stations that transmit radio waves radio waves, the Kyushu BureauHagane Mt. Standard Radio Transmitting StationIt is said that radio waves are transmitted without problems. Therefore, in the Hokkaido Tohoku region, which is outside the radio wave range of Hagane Mt. Standard Radio Transmitting Station, it seems that the time adjustment function of radio clock can not be used for a while.

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