Shakuyaki texture is best match with beef, I ate a new menu "Sukiyaki Nagi Beef Bowl" at Sukiya

A new menu of Sukiya, which had been preliminarily released at some stores "White grilled beef bowl"It will be released nationwide from today, we visited the shop for lunch and ate it.

It seems like this new menu, which is often associated with beef don braised with sesame oil based on a white goat onion served with plenty of plenty and sesame oil, can somehow imagine the taste, but how does that really happen? Is it going to be?

Details of tasting are as follows.White grilled beef bowl | Menu information | Sukiya

I arrived at my favorite house at noon.

A banner of a new menu is adorned extensively outside the store.

I sit down and check the menu. "White grilled beef-on-a-bowl" is about 380 yen, 759 Kcal in average.

This time I tried putting a salad set (100 yen) as well as "grilled hair onions".

This is "gray hair onions". It looks like you just put a sauce and a white onion on a regular beef dumpling and sowed it.

If you look closely at a white-onion onion, it is pretty black pepper waving.

First of all, we only had grilled hair onion. Sauce similar to sesame oil with somewhat reddish match well with spicy shikisaki leek and there is also a feeling like a pub menu. Will black pepper that is falling off balance with oil, spicy in moderation? It is a royal road to eat together with rice and meat again.

I tried hard with meat and rice together. Basically, as it seems, just put on a regular beef dumpling a white tofu onion, but a refreshing texture with a sufficient amount of green onion leaves the overall oily skill well It is a light impression compared to beef bowl. In addition, sesame oil-flavored sauce relieves the spicyness of green onion so you can drink with it.

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