Pretty creepy "siren sound of warning about civil protection"

Do not make this a sound of an alarm clock even if you make a mistake.

Details of this sound are as follows.
Means of information communication for citizen protection - Cabinet Secretariat National Protection Portal Site

When an alarm is transmitted from the municipalities to the inhabitants, if the municipalities are included in an area where it is deemed that an armed attack is nearing, or if the municipality is included in the area where it is deemed that an armed attack has actually occurred, in principle, a warning is issued using a siren It is supposed to be done. In July 2005, the government decided the siren sound of alarm related to civil protection.

By the way, at the moment, it seems likely that North Korea will launch Taepodong 2 today on June 17.

"Launched on 17th" = Government sources forecast - North Korea ballistic missile

If you hear this sound ....

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