False eating strict proof of reality, business card case leaving a strong impact on business partners "food sample rice (meiji) case" review

In order for customers to remember themselves,Business card with impact that will remain in memoryThere are not a few business people who want to prepare a business card, but there is a case that a unique business card can not be made due to the convenience of the company.

In such a case, there is a trump card that makes the business card case more impressive. The food sample shop seriously made and made "Food sample Rice (meigashi) Case"Is a business card case with a strong impact with a high probability that it seems to be in the memory of the opponent. There are three types of "bacon egg" "red rice" "hinomaru lunch box", each of which has overwhelming reality that is worth seeing at first sight.

The appearance of "food sample rice (meigashi) case" which is too real is as follows.Food sample rice (meigashi) case | Mobile goods Strap wearing mail order

This is "food sample rice (meigashi) case" three kinds. It is a reality that catches eyes even when it is in a box.

First of all, from "Aka Rice".

Packages include "not safe domestic products" "※ preservatives, genetically modified crops are not used" etc. In the business card case unfamiliar sentences line up.

There was a state of card exchange on the reverse side.

As you say, "Please do not put in the mouth absolutely", if you are a small child you may eat mistakenly, so be careful at home with a child.

"Shelf Life: Semi-permanent" "How to Save: Avoid direct sunlight, please enclose in the breast pocket / bag of the match suit," plump enough to make you fall. Materials are both aluminum and vinyl chloride.

Somehow I tried it on the plate. I smell the adhesive slightly when taking it out of the box.


side. There is a thicker part of red rice than the case part.

It's front.

The back side is simple.

When I try to open it, I feel like a general business card case.

When you look at the red rice part carefully, salt is waving properly. And when you touch azuki, the elasticity which was puny was really real.

What a black sesame seeds were peeled off. For this thorough commitment I feel the seriousness of food sample store.

I want to pinch in chopsticks while I was watching.

Next, "Hinomaru bento".

It looks exactly like rice in convenience box lunch.

The side is like this. Like "Okinawa", rice is thicker than the case.

It's front.

There is nothing especially on the back.

I just opened it.

When you look closely, Umeboshi is truly a quality. I feel imitation genuine on the touch.

Again there is no compromise on black sesame.

Pinch with a chopstick and like this.

The last is "bacon egg".

It is real that the position of fried eggs is slightly shifted to the left from the center.

It's front.


Bacon protrudes on the reverse side.

When opened it is like this.

Sometimes I have the opportunity to shoot bacon, but when I shoot it in this way there is little difference from the real one. One word of "perfection" is to say the condition of this oil. Moreover, it is faithfully reproduced to the hardness of bacon.

Even fried eggs are not defeated. Slight burns on the edge of white are represented brilliantly.

Unfortunately I tried to break the yolk in a chopstick, but unfortunately I did not have as much softness as the real one. However, even just the appearance can be sufficiently satisfied.

Among the three types, it was the easiest to pick up.

In addition, because products are made by hand in the country, there are individual differences. The price which is worrisome is 2625 yen in one and it is high as an aluminum business card case, but it may bring effect more than price.

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