"Reflection! Steven Seagal Police 24 o'clock!" Will be released in May in order to approach Segard as a police officer

Even if you do not have a weapon, you create weapons with surrounding things, even if you do not even have it, break your opponent's wrist with bare hands ... Actors acting a lot of such rolesStephen SegardHe has served as a police officer for over 20 years as a side job.

A documentary program close to Segard as a police officer was produced in the US in 2009 but decided to be released in Japan on May 3, 2011. Of course not to dubAtsuo OtsukaIt is based on.

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Steven Seagal was a real policeman! May 3 "Reflection! Steven Seagal Police 24 Hours!" DVD Release | Happinet Pictures Unit | Kyodo News PR Wire

It is a well-known fact that Steven Seagal is not only a movie role but a truly martial art expert, but it is also a fact that Segard is an actor and it is an official policeman in Jefferson County, Louisiana Also fact .

Segard as a police officer acts as a sheriff for the sheriff, works with the SWAT unit, is handling firearms and instructs how to fight, and occasionally carries out a fierce car chase and arrests a car thief Or is it?

"Reflection! Steven Seagal Police 24 o'clock!" Depicts Segals struggling for justiceReality showHe seems to be in close contact with Segar 's private outside of office hours.

DVD is "Reflection! Steven Seagal Police 24 Hours! Fighting Car Chase Edition" (5 episodes included), "Revenge! Stephen Seagal Police 24 Hours! Tense Tyranny Investigation Edition" (4 episodes included), "Real Step! Stephen · Segal Police 24 Hour! Amazing Murder Case Edition "(4 episodes recorded), the recommended retail price is 6090 yen. Reservations are accepted on Happinet Online and Amazon.co.jp.

Ref. Steven Seagal police 24 o'clock! DVD-SET Documentary Happinet Online

Amazon.co.jp: Actual! Steven Seagal Police 24 Hour! DVD-SET: Steven Segard: DVD

It is said that Otsuka Akio is in charge of the dubbing of the role of Segard and he seems to enjoy the usual Segard clause.

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