A cat who took notice of the owner's prostate cancer

A warning is pounded when the pet dog eats off the thumb of the owner's foot that suffered from severe diabetesAlthough there are some cases showing that animals have ability to detect disease of human beings, it became clear that the domestic cat knew the owner's prostate cancer and informed it.

It seems that sudden behavior changed, such as a domestic cat with a ferocious personality suddenly got stuck with the owner's man suddenly.

About the cat who sensed the owner's cancer from the following.Cat discovers Hornsea farmer's cancer

Barrie Gardham, executive at Honeysuckle farm, says he taught that the cat's whiskey is suffering from prostate cancer.

Whiskey, which had a very ferocious personality and ordinary people scratched or stuck when trying to paddered, suddenly got hooked on Mr. Gardham on a boundary and gathered her body and gathered his forefoot That means he came to touch his nose.

Gardham said, "When I saw the change in whiskey, I remembered that a pet such as a dog could sense human diseases, then I was very anxious to think that many of my friends died of prostate cancer I did not have any signs or symptoms, but I got an examination just in case, I found cancer in the prostate. "

Gardham 's owner, cat' s whiskey.

As a story similar to whiskey episode"A cat predicting death" who saw 50 inpatients at the smell of deathI remember that this cat was also a very attitude usually, but that he stood still close to the patient standing at the edge of death.

According to one study, animals are finding that they can find cancer of their owner. In recent research, it seems that dogs are investigating what kind of process took the smell of human prostate cancer.

Gardham performed surgery at Castle Hill Hospital and removed the prostate that had been affected by the cancer cells and was discharged from the hospital. To my surprise, whiskey showed usual attitude towards Gardham who came back from the hospital, ignoring it and not getting close to him. Mr. Gardham said that he still needs to receive radiation therapy, but he did surgery before cancer progressed, so he seems to be able to live normally without pain.

"If whiskey did not take such a strange behavior I would not have visited the doctor and I'm sure that whiskey saved my life," Gardham said, I wish this mysterious experience that I have had on myself leads to more consciousness of men to prostate cancer.

Mr. Gardham, who had a presence like a whiskey to notice the abnormality of the body like a whiskey, can not be said that it was very lucky because the prostate cancer is hypertrophic, squeezing the urethra and causing urination pain, Is it?

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