When the local team loses NFL games domestic violence will increase

The feeling of getting into the team to the extent that it is impossible to strike something against the incompetence lost to the game may not be limited to American football, but it may be common to all fans of all kinds of sports worldwide, but its discouragement to spouses and lovers Shocking findings are announced suggesting that there are also a lot of fans that confuse them with violence.

NFLAccording to a study analyzing the data of 900 games of the regular season in the regular season of the season, after the game that the team expected to win, so-called "ups" woke up, lost, that team's localDomestic violence (DV)It seems that the number of reports is increased by 10%.

Details are as below.Oxford Journals | News | Study Finds Reports of Domestic Violence Rise 10% After NFL Upsets

A sports game is an event that makes people more emotional, but football, which is so popular that football games of local teams gaining over 25% of viewership in general around the United States excites the area as a whole or is depressed It can be said that it is a sport that will end up. Researchers warned that discouragement and anger due to "unexpected defeat" could potentially drive inappropriate behaviors that football fans do not normally do, and sometimes to partner violence It is.

University of California, BerkeleyWith Dr. David Card of economistsUniversity of California, San DiegoDr. Gordon Dahl, NFL's six teams (Carolina Panthers,Detroit Lions,New England Patriots,Denver Broncos,Kansas City · Chiefs,Tennessee Titans) Data such as the odds and game results before the game of the regular season game 900 games from 1995 to 2006 and the data of the report records to the police in 763 municipalities corresponding to the "local" of those teams And analyzed the relationship with the number of reports of domestic violence after the game such as "unexpected losing game", "losing game with prediction", "unexpected winning game" etc. Thesis isQuarterly Journal of EconomicsIt is published in the magazine.

As a result, in the case of "unexpected winning game" or "game expected to be a close battle and lost," the domestic violence did not decrease nor increase, but the game When losing the game expected to predict that the local team won with a difference of 4 points or more, which accounted for 1/3, the number of reports of domestic violence as compared to the week when local team games were not held Has increased by 10%. Especially since the number of reports within 2 hours since the end of the game has increased, there seems to be a causal relationship that can not be denied.

This is based on the result supporting the theory that "unexpected disappointment strongly affects human emotions than happy surprises" which has been suggested by research, "This is not limited to football, for example, cars People who have been torn off by speed in the middle of returning home will likely take actions to regret later, "Dr. Card says.

The tendency of this "increase of domestic violence after an unexpected losing game" was particularly conspicuous in the case where it is judged to be "an important game" that fans particularly support with enthusiasm. For example, if you lose against a team that is regarded as a "long-time rival," the number of reports has increased by 20%, whereas if you lose to a team not particularly in rivalry, the rate of increase is 8 %was. There are also "unexpected losses" when teams still have opportunities to advance into playoffs, and Suck (who is tackled by players on the defense side before quarterback throws the path, 4 times or more, the ball gets over 80 yards or more with penalty etc.), Such as turnover (which is intercepted pass and ball falling ball is secured by passing) The increase in domestic violence was remarkable even when the team played particularly worse.

When these factors are integrated and analyzed, for example, if "you still lost to the competition against the rival against the opponent expected to win" when you still have the possibility of entering the playoffs, please report the domestic violence after the game It seems that the number of cases increased by 17%.

If the match after the opportunity has already been lost the possibility of playoff participation or the opposing team is not particularly "nemesis"Despite losing the game, the performance of the local team was not so badIn that case it is said that there was no noticeable increase in the number of domestic violence reports, so doing the best with each team at each game will protect the local fans and people around them that will support you It may lead to.

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